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New Bubble Pricing

Wanted to offer my thanks to Emmanuel and team for overhauling Bubble’s pricing methodology to better reflect data usage, and for addressing the “high-side cost certainty” issue. I don’t even know whether I would have paid more or less under the old plan, but I still like the new plan much better, because now I can project my costs more reliably. So, for that, THANK YOU!



Thanks!! We’re quite happy about it, it’s much more readable for users, and more manageable for us.


I entirely agree. The new model makes it more appealing to those whose revenue model is based on the quantity of visitors. It may bring in more users and amortize the potential increase in runnings costs.

This is brilliant, thanks! This will definitely entice people to pay more, which is good for all.

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What was the old pricing model and what is the new pricing model?