🎓 New Buildcamp Courses

Hi Folks,

We’re in the process of recording a string of new courses at Buildcamp, the first is outlined below:

Integrating Google Calendar
Enable your users to connected their Google Calendar account to your Bubble app so that they can view, create, update and delete calendar events.


  1. Course overview (2.04min)
  2. Configuring Pathfix & Google Cloud (10.29min)
  3. Testing the Pathfix connection (2.58min)
  4. Making our first Bubble API call (11.57min)
  5. Setting up out repeating group calendar (12.30min)
  6. Styling our calendar cards (7.19min)
  7. Creating an event (11.26min)
  8. Adding more event data (7.02min)
  9. Adding attendees to an event (16.56min)
  10. Create the view event popup (12.13min)
  11. Update an event (17.09min)
  12. Delete an event (5.31min)
  13. UI tricks & email notifications (10.20min)
  14. Displaying events in a calendar element (3.36min)
  15. Getting your app verified by Google (1.35min)

Other courses include:

  • Platform user messaging

  • Offer coupon codes

  • Build a referral system

  • Build a social feed

  • Build an admin dashboard

We have a ton of free content on Youtube as well.

About Buildcamp

Gregory John — Co-founder and lead educator

Greg was one of the first Bubblers to raise VC funding for his startup in 2017. After building a profitable company, he set out to help other founders and startups to launch successfully using nocode. Greg currently teaches nocode at Yale’s Tsai Centre for Innovation, Bubble’s bootcamp as well as Buildcamp’s own build camp, which runs every 6 weeks.


James More — Co-founder and Lead product designer

James has more recently joined Buildcamp having served over a decade at the helm of eBay UK (London) heading up product design with past clients such as Yamaha, Monster Energy, Yankie Candles and Levi Jeans. James has a wealth of UI/UX experience in visual design and development and has since made the switch from conventional coding to be at the forefront of the nocode movement.



New course - Single page app design

In this course we’ll be cloning parts of Airbnb for mobile. We’ll demonstrate how to design a single page app formatted for mobile only on a 320px canvas that includes app bar navigation, nested repeating groups and foundation work around padding and margin.


  1. Course overview (2.45min)
  2. Data structure (9.20min)
  3. Wireframing (12.02min)
  4. Designing the landing group - part 1 (12.42min)
  5. Designing the landing group - part 2 (17.14min)
  6. Removing scrollbar & app navigation (13.32min)
  7. Listing the homes (14.34min)
  8. Seeding the database (12.52min)
  9. Creating the search bar (6.54min)
  10. Home listing - part 1 (15.04min)
  11. Home listing - part 2 (20.05min)