Repeating group: auto scroll up after selecting

Hello bubble builders!

I have a repeating group with samples. Above the RG I have input fields that I’m using for constrains in the search for samples.
Next to the RG (vertical scrolling) I have a group that show all selecterd sample data.

2 weird things I want to get rid of:

  1. after selecting a sample in de RG my filter is gone and I have to enter it again in the input field.

  2. after selecting a sample (after scrolling down in the RG) the RG resets and shows the last entered sample, so I need to scroll down again to select de sample again. (I want to keep the RG showing the samples that I have scrolled to (ex: sample 100 out of 1000 samples, so I can easily select 101)

Are there solutions to do that?

Thanks a lot for your much appreciated help!

Hi @marco1,

I would be interested in how you are selecting your samples. (e.g. clicking a button plus its workflow) Since it seems weird to me that your search constraints are nullified.

I have an easy way to fix for Nr. 2 but for Nr. 1 you could help me out with:

  1. A screenshot of your setup. (capturing your inputs & repeating group)

  2. A screenshot of your selection workflow.

Just to confirm: Your inputs values are not empty after selection, right?

Looking forward to look into this.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Video to show the behavior: here

Searchbox “Ras”:

Repeating Group

Icon workflow that sends data from the RG item to the group

Hi @marco1,

thanks for providing your context.

To 1. I could not recreate your example (where your inputs would reset themselves upon selection of a sample). I am guessing that you have some workflow that (when page is loaded or some element close to your selection icon has a workflow that resets data.)

To 1. + 2. Do the following:

  1. Consider using a custom state: Therefore, the workflow of your selection icon sets this custom state equal to the currently selected product:

  2. Set the state up to look like this:

  3. Now add a scroll to entry action to your selection workflow, so that regardless of what happens the user will still see the last selected product on the left.

  4. Change the data source of your Floating Group where you want to display the selected product to the following:

Hope this makes it clear & will help you solve your issues.

Simply ask for further explanation.


Thanks Julius!
You are my hero of today :+1:

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Hmm If I enter a variety name in the search box “Ras” this field will be deleted after selecting 1 of the fields in the RGroup.
How can I stop deleting this so that my selection will be intact after selecting 1 of the samples within that selection?

It would also be nice to keep the RG as it is and not scroll the at the bottom selected sample to the middle or top of the page. Can that also be solved?

Thanks a lot for your help!