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New data entry with list of data as field


How can I create a new data entry with a list of data as a field from the ‘App Data’-tab in the ‘Data’-view?

  • The data type

  • Where do I input into the ‘Cons’-field with the data type ‘dayCons’?

And how would it look like in the .CVS-file?

Unless things have changed, you can’t really do it this way.

You can upload a csv file that has an id or search field for a single “thing”. So the parent id of something.

Unless things have changed, the way you need to do this (assume we have parent with a list of child things and the child has a reference to the parent).

Upload the list of parent things via csv. Export the csv so you now have the ids. Match up the ids to the parent in the child csv. Now import the child csv, matching up the ids. So the child now has a reference to the parent.

If you are still with me … we need to get the list on the parent as the final step !

So write an API workflow that takes a parent thing, and searches for child things that have a matching id. Now ADD those results to the list on the parent.

Finally, run a bulk API call for each parent with an empty list that call the above workflow.

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Thanks a lot for the answer and much appreciated:) I found a workaround for my problem but will try your suggestion when it occurs again.