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[New Feature] Ability to rename and tag apps


We just added to features on the dashboard that will help with organizing apps. You can now rename apps, and also tag them to organize them.

It should be quite straightforward: you can click on an app name to rename it, and you can add tags or pick an existing one below. Once applications are tagged, you can filter them by tags at the top of the dashboard.

01 AM

This will be particularly useful for users with many applications.


Thanks @bubble team. A much appreciated feature!

Seeing the little yellow gift symbol almost daily now :slight_smile: such a pleasant feeling!

Thanks for the great work guys!

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The URL stays the samme permanently, is that correct? Or does it change at some point?

That’s correct (currently) because of some database reasons. The name and the tags are only for the dashboard here

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Hello emmanuel, all of my State go wrong today, i don’t no why cause it work normally yesterday.
Does any change of Bubble affect this?
now, my repeating group state can not plus new item.

We’ll need a bug report to help here. Can you file one?


my database Numbertext contain Number(number) and Text(text)
yesterday, when i set custom state list numbertext, plus fist item in data when page load.
then when i click plus button, my repeat group plus item #2, #3
this work yesterday.
but today, this repeat group plus 0, 1, 2 instead item Number and text

Sorry I meant at

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Love it, very helpful

My app’s name can’t be changed… it it is not clickable.

Can you file a bug report?

I had been searching for a way to do this for a couple days now.
Turned out, for me at least, that it worked as designed.
I just didn’t realize the text was editable, until I took a little bit of a leap of faith and started typing.
It was very editable and easy to update, I was expecting a UX change to a text box or something like that.
So was totally me being dense in the end. :slight_smile: