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Rename any title of an app by clicking

In my app, for my planning:
when user creates a title, it has automatic “untitled#itemnumber” naming. And user can rename by clicking it by highlighting the name like we do in Bubble editor.

How can I do it for entire app for all titles ? I mean not one workflow for each title. And in addition to that, how is it possible to highlight the text for renaming it?

Could you set the page title to be dynamic? Have it reference a value that you update each time the user takes action. Not sure I understand what you mean about the highlighting.

Sorry about my English. I’m talking about the renaming the element in a page. For example we rename an element in bubble editor bu clicking its name. So I 'd like to do the same action in my app for all titles.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 23.14.24

What titles are you looking to enable this feature in your app?

As I currently understand, it may be possible by using a text input field? You could also enable auto-bind so that when the user edits the text, it changes the reference data in your database without requiring a submission workflow.

This is how I would do it if I were you. I don’t think it’s perfect but I think it will work.

  1. place a line input right on top of the your title that you want to be able to edit and set it to not visible on page load. Also create a variable with a default value of whatever the textbook originally says

  2. Go into the text box and start a workflow saying when it is clicked it will be set to invisible and the input box will be set to visible

  3. Add a workflow saying when the text box is clicked off of it updates a variable and goes invisible while making the text box visible

  4. You might be able to put all of this in a group that becomes a reusable element that you can use multiple times. IDK about that last one but its worth a shot