[New Feature] Ability to test capacity on your app for free


We know that capacity can sometime be seen as an abstract concept and it may not be easy to test the impact of adding some units to your app. We just added a way for you to test adding capacity units to your app, so that you can experience the speed boost. You can add from 1 to 5 units if you’re on a professional plan and above, and add 2 units if you’re on a personal plan (so that you can see how it would work on a professional plan).

When you use such a boost, the additional units will be applied for one hour, and you can do this up to three times every calendar month.

Happy boosting!


Fantastic work. This will be really useful.

That’s what i’m talking about!

This is excellent folks.

Are the Live and Dev environments independent from each other from a capacity point of view?

In other words, when I add the units of capacity, do those units get added to both Live and Dev at once or do they get assigned to the Live environment only or something else?

Many thanks!!

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Capacity is assigned to an app independently from the version, and the boost follows the same rule.

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Fantastic! Really smart feature.

Thanks Emmanuel!

echo that. really smart feature

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This is start-up thinking, thank you!

Awesome! This should help us evaluate if we need additional capacity and also would work as a proof that the extra capacity would indeed improve performance.

Features like this, keeps me wanting to continue working and building on Bubble.

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@emmanuel is there is a way to define capacity in more numerical values that will allow us to correlate linearly resources needed. for example RAM/ CPU power assigned. I am not sure if capacity is a additional instance of a virtual machine or what

“test up to 3 times a month”

How long each time?

1 hour, I think. When I boosted yesterday, it told me, “59 minutes remaining.”


When we boost a Personal Plan (which I assume has 1 capacity unit) do we experience 2 capacity units or 1+2 = 3 capacity units?

Thanks, R.

You go to 2, Free and Personal plans have zero units at first.

I thought I get 1 unit on the first paid plan the personal plan but I don’t get any you say it just comes with the test capacity and for the second plan you get 2 units plus test capacity with $20 a month per extra units

Free and personal plans have basic capacity, which is the minimal level (0) while other plans start with 2.
See this https://bubble.io/pricing

Does increased capacity also increase speed, assuming capacity limit isn’t reached and speed is governed?

Yes, there is an indicator that shows how much time could have been sped up in the logs canvas.

Here, best is to test, that’s the whole point of this free boost.

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I’d like to try scheduler / API workflow with this :slight_smile: