Personal Plan Change? Why is Bubble Changing Things Without Letting Us Know

Weren’t we able to add capacity before on a personal plan? I thought we could add units on any paid plan? Was this a new change? Or did i just not realize it before that you have to have a professional plan to add capacity? Thanks.

Also i noticed i can’t see the stats like i used to be able to. Seems like there must have been a change without letting us know. @emmanuel care to comment? Any reason why this was removed? I was really looking forward to just adding a little bit at a time. Not feels like a large jump to add any capacity for me.

You’ve never been able to in personal plan.

What you can do is boost for an hour during 3 times a month to get a taste of how things would look like on pro plan. This was introduced at a later stage.

I agree the step is big and there is probably no technical reason to not allow it. But it is what it is. I’m assuming the capacity is to cover AWS costs more than anything else and Bubble still relies on the plans for their profit.

As far as im aware you could only boost on personal.

Also I see all of the stats that I used to. Possibly even more than I remember.

Doesn’t anyone remember being able to see the charts and when we were at our caps? Where did that go? There used to be a graph. Right?

How do you see the stats? What tab is it under again?

Ok, i see the graphs under logs. Yay.

But i still thought we could add capacity for $20 at a time even on personal plan. Right?

Aren’t those the two charts on the top on the log tab?

Nope you can’t on a personal. Never been able to. Though it would be nice :slight_smile: