[New Feature] Adding domains through Google Domains


We’ve just added the ability to buy a domain through Google Domains from the Editor and get the DNS settings handled automatically. This will be useful for users that aren’t familiar with DNS settings.

The way it works is fairly straightforward: you click on “Buy with Google and set up a domain”.

Once you’ve chosen your domain and paid on Google’s end (this is independent from Bubble), you’ll be taken back to the editor and the connection will happen automatically (after the DNS settings propagate, which so far when we test was about 10/15 min).

The good thing also is that that will make connecting your email and apps that you have with Google quite straightforward, as you can do this in Google Domains Dashboard.


This is great news Emmanuel! As I’ve previously purchased a google domain, Bubble pocessed the domain but it somehow always seemed to show an error message whenever I released an update. However, I’m glad that Bubble now accepts google domain. Much easier integration verse other domain registers. :+1:

Does this work for users who are not in countries that are supported yet by Google Domains…I know if I try and buy domains on domains.google, (while i am logged in to google), I get told I am not in a country that is not supported.

Well. If google domain isn’t supported, then no, how would it work?..

I wasn’t sure how you were integrating the functionality that was all…I buy my domains through 1and1 and hook them up through Azure.

It is more a question for when the someone is not familiar with all this comes along and they get issues trying to purchase.


This is a fantastic feature, thank you!

Unfortunately, I made a mistake and deleted the connection to Bubble in Google’s domain manager.

Does anyone have info on how to reconnect my Google Domain with my app in Bubble?



You should add the DNS as instructed in the Bubble editor. If you don’t know how to do this, you should check google’s documentation.

Thanks Emmanuel. I have definitely looked through the Google documentation and can’t figure it out. Maybe someone in the community can provide a little direction to help me get started on the right direction?

I’ll assume that DNS is the same when purchasing the domain through bubble, I hope that’s a safe assumption!

In your google domain manager, click on Configure DNS. In there, you’ll want to create a custom resource. The “name” should be the first portion of your domain name. For example, for ours we are https://app.tinyoperahouse.com so the name is “app”. The type is an “A” record. TTL can be 1 day, and the IP address is whatever bubble is telling you. Ours is, but I don’t know if that is universal.

Thanks! Got it figured out now.