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Animated Popups Broken on Live Version

Popups that animate to open don’t seem to be working. (mobile on Safari).

Anyone else?


Prob need a bug report. :man_facepalming:

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oof ok - alerting the team


Can confirm, this is broken on my app as well. Any workflow that uses the animation is not applied. Pop-up animations will show pop-up without animation, but using animation to “close” a pop-up causes the process to hang.

rolling back…


Yes, animations (including show/hide) are acting really weird. Sometimes eternal loading. Sometimes not doing anything. Test version for me.

Whole live site is a mess, no animations working


Yep animations are causing my app to freeze


Our app is also completely broken in Live / Dev.

My app is completely broken. the issues appears to be correlated to any animations. I noticed this starting maybe about 90 minutes ago.

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Just confirming I see some weirdness as well when animating via the workflow action (not a transition). This is not a popup, but when the element animates in, it first appears, then disappears, and then animates in, instead of simply animating in.

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Now things seem to be back working in the test environment.

Agree with the above. I am not sure how this was not caught in testing. This was a pretty bad failure.

Meu APP está com problema nas animações e em ocultar / exibir no Workflow.

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