[New Feature] Deploy specific changes from Development to Live


We just added a new feature under the ‘Development and Version Control’ window. You can now make changes on the development version and deploy selected changes immediately to the Live version of your application. This allows for users to fix minor problems without deploying the entire application every time.

Please note, the changes reflected in the list of available changes only reflect changes made in the current session. If the browser is refreshed, these changes will no longer be available to deploy.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.33.32 AM

This is an advanced feature recommended for more experienced users as functionality can break where changes are applied in a dangerous order.


yes! this is awesome! Thanks a lot!


Beautiful stuff

Just to be clear, as before if we need to refresh the session we can still deploy those changes in one bulk, but just not separately?

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Great. I had always 3-4 windows open, each is independent, right? Can be conflictual?
Having date time will be nice too (so you know which one of windows you have changed).

Great, this is very useful.

For the current session in the browser, the changes you make will be the only changes you will be able to deploy. If you refresh that same window, those changes will be cleared. However changes you make in this session will now be available to deploy. I hope this makes sense.

Awesome. Will the end User still see the ‘Application has been updated’ message or will they not see this message at all?

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This is going to be incredibly helpful, can’t wait to experiment more! Thank you Bubble!

As for:

Would you please explain this part a bit further? Maybe share an example of what you mean by “dangerous order” so that I’m not experimenting too much with production apps.


Ah, this is beautiful, thanks guys!

Awesome! Super valuable. We’ve been eagerly awaiting a feature like this. Will make a huge difference for production grade applications.

Very nice, good work guys!

@kevin2 excellent! super helpful

@kevin2 bump

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Hey, so what I meant by executing action in a dangerous manner which may break apps refers to the ability to deploy changes to live without first resolving all issues before a deploy.

Before a regular deploy, the issue checker ensures that all issues in development are resolved. However, with this tool, that process is bypassed. This makes it possible now to deploy issues that the issue checker would have caught on before a deploy.

Also, another thing to watch out for is deploying steps in a workflow that depend on previous steps that you choose not to deploy. For example, say we have two actions, ‘Action A’ and ‘Action B’. If action B depends on the result of action A , but you deploy the creation of Action B without A, then that behavior is undefined.

I hope this answers your question!



This is a really good step forward, and great for small changes that you know will not break anything, I would not recommend this for anything bigger without bug testing first.

Is there any plan for a more complex deployment option?

We have a live app, which we are growing and developing all the time, but sometimes we need to push out new functions which need to be tested prior to deployment and we only want one of the new function deployed at a time, is there future plans for this?

But this is a great move and I hope to see more, keep up the great work guys.


I’m having issues with this 50% of the time.

When deploying I make sure to be in a fresh session with just the changes done that I need to push. When it goes wrong I get an ‘Something went wrong’ error window.

The deployment continues and eventually I get the msg that it was successful.

Unfortunately, the changes haven’t been made in Live. When I switch the editor to Live, I see that the ‘save’ status is on ‘Saving’ in red.

So my thoughts are that this selective deployment is actually making a change in live that gets saved. Sometimes the editor gets stuck saving and then this is the result. Seemingly deployed, but not really.

So maybe something to look into. I make sure to have a fresh browser session so things should be relatively fast.

Agreed, this is only useful for very limited changes. It lacks the ability to:

  • Test you changes in dev mode
  • Run test suites in dev mode
  • Run the issue checker
  • Deploy a fix even if your browser session has gone (computer restart, crash etc.)
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If you can find a pattern and file a bug report that’d be helpful to narrow this down.

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