Push from Dev to Live not taking affect

Hi All,

Posting here before submitting a report to see if others are experiencing the same.

When I push my dev to live, I get the success popup. However, changes are not reflecting in production. No error messages and no banner requesting me to refresh.

Replicated on Chrome, Safari, Firefox on both Windows and Mac, and both regular and incognito modes.

Any one else seeing this?

Please submit a bug report

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I’ve noticed something similar for a few days. Updates take a very long time to push, or they push with no notification to reload the app. Servers are also exceptionally slow at random times.

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Agreed in seeing similar issues

Probably unrelated but … right now I’m experiencing my live app freezing on saving record updates.


I just pushed an update from dev to live. I had two browsers open in the live app. No black banner appeared to let me know the app had been updated. However, when I opened a difference page, it did reflect the new version.

Bug Report #8882


Thanks for reaching out and submitting this report! We are currently investigating this behavior, and will be in touch as soon as possible with further details; at this time, we have found that changes do get made to your Live application after they are deployed a few times (usually 3-4), so if it is urgent that your application is deployed, please do keep trying until you see the changes.

There’s more to it than just not being pushed or after being deployed a few times.
I made a change to text on a page. This got deployed after two times.
However, the business logic in a reusable element does not seem to have been deployed. This is not visible without tedious testing, so it is not simply a matter of seeing the changes.



Can you provide a status on this?


I’m noticing after deploying a few times, the changes will take affect (super annoying btw)

But still no banner requesting to refresh. I don’t use reusable elements so I can’t replicate what you’re seeing though on that part.

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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry to have bugged you, but somehow I got the idea that you are on the Bubble tech team. :confused:

No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same issue today, thought it was odd, but glad the bug is submitted. Cheers.

I’m seeing the same issue, it makes debugging pretty frustrating! Any update?

To say “frustrating” is being very polite.

BTW, I’d recommend doing whatever’s reasonable to contact Bubble techs and founders to remind them that communication around bug reports is abysmal at best. It seems that you may be notified of ongoing status (or not), and may be notified of ultimate resolution only if you are the one who filed the bug report.

There is no consistent circling back to communicate to the community at large, and bugs identified on the Forum are frequently left hanging here even if they’ve been resolved.

It’s bad enough that obscure bugs like this one and other’s I’ve experienced can go on for days and weeks with no clear, unambiguous, timely communication.

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