[New Feature] Detach reusable elements on the canvas

You can now detach a reusable element that has been placed on your canvas. This new option in the right-click menu removes the relationship with the parent reusable element, allowing you to interact and customize the reusable element as a collection of elements on the page. When a reusable element is detached, the reusable element entity turns into a normal group parent container with all of its child elements nested below it. Any workflows in the reusable element are now visible in the page’s workflows.

You can access this option in the contextual menu by either right clicking on a reusable element on the canvas or selecting a reusable element on the canvas and selecting the edit menu.

This feature is helpful when you would like to make one off edits to a reusable element instance, no longer want a relationship between the parent reusable element and the instance, or are simply using a reusable element as a shortcut for copy and pasting a collection of UI elements across your application.

Note: There are certain situations where detaching a reusable element will cause reference errors in the issue checker. These situations are limited to when you are detaching a reusable element that is placed inside of a repeating group cell. Any popup, floating group, or group focus in the reusable element that reference a specific element or “this cell’s data” will need to have its reference updated after detaching. This is because popups, floating groups, and group focus containers will now belong to the page, not the group that remains in the repeating group. These missing references will be noted in the issue checker.


Feels like this could be integrated into the components library functionality rather than what feels like a bit of workaround or upgrade custom component library stuff.

Regardless this will make reusing, and upgrading the base version of a group slightly easier!

What uses less WUs? Individual or Resumable groups?

First of all, this will be quite handy, so thanks!

When a reusable element (RE) which itself contains one or more REs is detached, should the nested REs automatically be detached as well? It seems they are not, but I wanted to make sure that’s the intended behavior. (It would be great if it did work that way.)

Thanks for the clarification.

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For me, that would be a nightmare if all the nested ones detached as well.


I guess the best solution would be that you have the option to detach nested REs too. So if you drag a RE to a page you could first detach the outer RE and the inner ones are still REs until you detach each of them.

Wouldn’t this make sense and cover both approaches?


Indeed, I thought that as well. I can see how the current behavior might be best for most folks. I have a specific use-case related to some internal tooling. That said, I actually have an automated iterative detach working now (though not yet polished), and it would’ve been much more challenging to do the reverse on those occasions I didn’t need to “explode” the entire RE. :slightly_smiling_face:


There shouldn’t be a difference in workload usage

Correct, the expected behavior is that nested reusable elements will remain reusable elements when its parent is detached

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Any chance you could test and confirm this?

This has been tested and confirmed

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Is not working with heavy reusables… please fix it.

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Have you filed a bug report for this issue?

I try to use this feature for the first time, but don’t see it in the right-click menu.
I updated my app to the last version.
I want to detach a RE in another parent RE.

[EDIT] If anyone else is in the same case : it works after transforming my old RE in new responsive.

It’s not working. It spits out an error in the console when I try to use it.

Bug report filed.

I’m trying to use it as well, hasn’t been working for several days now. Any updates?

Did you file a bug report from this by chance? We haven’t been able to reproduce any basic cases yet.

No, I just copied it and moved on, the last email thread for a bug lasted over 4 weeks. I rather just move on lol