[New Feature] Dynamic Sitemaps

Hi Emmanuel, hi @grace, of course, in the meantime - as you pointed out - ALL OK! thank you so much for the saturday input, sorry to disturb the weekend.

You could consider setting the Field for readable URL.

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That’s exactly the right approach


Amazing, @grace . How sweet the sound. :wink:

Am I correct in assuming that leaving this feature disabled with allow for a “custom” (manually or otherwise) created file to be uploaded to the root and serve as the official sitemap file?

Haha, clever!

Yep, if you leave the Expose a sitemap feature unchecked and have uploaded a custom sitemap, your application will use your custom sitemap. If you then check the Expose a sitemap feature, your application will use Bubble’s generated dynamic sitemap.


Sure i did the “field for readable URL”, but still showing the unique id at the end of my specific field

Yep, even if the Field for readable URL is set, the unique ID will still be displayed. This is helpful, for example, when you have two items in the database with the same value for the readable field—they should be two distinct pages and the unique ID appended to the URL will help distinguish them.


Hi. Our sitemap message for https://millionlabs.co.uk (for any pages) say’s

Sitemap is building. This process may take some time. Please refresh page; sitemap will be rendered once generated.

This hasn’t changed for quite some time.

Mine too… Previous bug I reported was fixed but not this.

Been ‘generating sitemap’ for 3 days now!

@allenyang - any news on this? Would appreciate it if you could provide an update.

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Is there a way to ‘print’ the URL as a text and save it in the database @grace @emmanuel?

I know that characters change in the actual url, if we have a readable URL text field that has characters that conflict with URL conventions, so I’d like to be able to save the URL as a text in the database taking into consideration the readable URL.

Very easy. Use API Connector and set data type to XML :wink: Do a GET request


Interesting. From within the api connector plugin?

Where will it display/export?

Quick steps would be helpful if you could describe!

You can display or export it the way you want. If you set it as data, you can run API Workflow on a list and save it to DB. Actually I cannot set a demo but the main idea is:
A) Main API call that point to main sitemap.xml
B) Second API Call that will run on the First page list of loc and generate each page sitemap. (Be aware that if the sitemap is not generated, this may cause issue and you may need to retry when it will be done
C) Create a page where you will have a button that “Run Api Workflow on a list”. Will be a list of TEXT and will be the text (url) returned by Call A)
D) In this API Workflow, you will Run API Workflow on a list again, but on the list of B item. Same, this is a list of text.
Last API Workflow will store data to DB.

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What I’m trying to do is simply click a ‘send’ button, which creates a Thing, and store the URL in the database at that point in time.

I do not want to have to run actions on lists at some point to collect every url.

So i’m trying to save the URL at the time the Thing Page is being created so that i can then provide the url to a user by email to pull up the page directly.

Are you talking about “dynamic” page? In this case, on page load, search for “This url” in your DB. If not found, Create a new thing text = “This url” ?

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Yes dynamic page/sitemap.

The workflow isn’t happening on the page it’s happening as an action.

So it creates a Thing, then it should save the URL of the page for that Thing, and then it can be sent as a direct link to the user.

Imagine a Quote that is sent to the customer, the customer needs a direct link, but the admin/agent created the Quote in their own admin panel/back end. The Quote is the ‘Thing’ assigned to a page / url.

If it didn’t have a readable URL that bubble adapts and changes to set URL standards, I’d simply build the url inside the action and save it to the database in the format : www.website.com/page/UNIQUEID

Because Bubble changes characters that may be in the readable URL, such as / to _ and other changes, I need a way to have a definite read on the link being created.

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I understand a little bit more your issue.
You can always use , like you say, page/uniqueID and even if you are using field for readeable url, this will work.

Actually, if you are redirecting user to the newly created thing page right after, you can grab the URL at this moment.

The issue I can see with the item, is that each page can use a different readable field for the same thing. So each page will generate a different url. Maybe you can suggest an idea on that.

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Exactly. That’s my issue.

Because the Thing is created, and then the email is sent to the other user hopefully containing the FULL url as it would read inside the sitemap for that page, in the same workflow, it all needs to be saved to the database at that time for use later on.

Essentially I’m creating, on the fly, ‘hosted-pay pages’ with a direct link to that page in one workflow, but i need to save the page to the database accurately as if it was inside the sitemap…

I think an action to save the URL as listed inside of the sitemap to the database taking into consideration the ‘readable url’ field is needed. @grace

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@jof @scriptschool If you’re still seeing this behavior, can you please file a bug report so that our team can investigate this behavior?

@JustinC This is an additional feature request: if you haven’t already, please email it to us at support@bubble.io

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I haven’t had a sitemap built in 5 days or so.

How long does it usually take?

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