[Seeking alpha testers] Dynamic sitemaps

[UPDATE] This feature has been rolled out! Please see the announcement here

Hi Bubble community,

We’re wrapping up initial development of a new feature - the ability to add ‘dynamic’ pages to your sitemap. This is for when you have a page that features a Thing, and you want specific Things’ pages to show up on the sitemap.

We are looking for alpha testers for this feature! If you’re interested in participating, please respond here or DM me with the app ID you want us to enable this feature on.

Specifics: currently, the feature is an “all-or-nothing” for a specific data type + page combo. In other words, if you have Category as a data type and a page ‘category-home’ that has Category assigned to it, and if you check to include ‘category-home’ in the sitemap, the sitemap will include the dynamic URL of every Category filling in ‘category-home’.



Hi @allenyang
Maybe you should have a “team” of testers? We can subscribe an app on it for Beta testing new features and give you feedback before release. And maybe a private topic in the forum here so you can let us know when there’s a new feature to test and we can give feedback on the topic directly.

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Thanks for the suggestion - it’s something we’ve been considering. However, with a pre-set group of Beta testers, we wouldn’t be quite sure how many of them would be taking advantage of a particular feature (e.g. this one - how many apps in the Beta group would benefit from a dynamic sitemap?). You’re right that this method is a bit more overhead for us though. As Bubble keeps growing, we’re certainly open to this idea :slight_smile:


Maybe you can create beta test groups in the forum for new features and turn them into a dynamic one. You can ask those who have this feature to participate in their current applications.

You’re almost doing it already, but you can add the minimum features or something you need to be a candidate for this feature test.

For related feature:

Having at least a member rank in the forum
A blog with 10+ shares per month.
An e-commerce site where at least 20+ products are added or updated each month.
Marketplace with 100+ members.
250+ homes, cars, etc. where things can be sold or rented

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Hello, thanks for this post. I am really interested by testing this new feature. @allenyang

Certainly - could you please DM me the ID of an app you’d like us to enable this on?

@allenyang . I might be interested in Alpha testing it, but I am curious what the major advantage is of this approach.

This is a requested feature from folks focused on improving their SEO, and before, these users would get around this by uploading a custom sitemap with dynamic pages. This new feature makes that process more convenient by automatically generating such a sitemap for you - it’s an enhancement on the existing Bubble sitemap feature.


How does this work with single page applications? For instance, I have a couple apps that have a single front end page that contains a list of products and the link to the detail view is simply another group on that page.

Will it work with that or do I need to have a separate page with the content type set?

If it works with single page apps I’m interested in testing it.

Is this similar to how Webflow does it?

It doesn’t sound like this feature will work for your setup. If your ‘index’ page has been assigned data type X, this feature will generate a sitemap that has all variants of ‘index’ for each X. I think I could see it working depending on how you set your index page up, but I’m guessing you’re doing something more complex.

@jamesbond - I’m not intimately familiar with how Webflow does it but I don’t see an indication in their help content that they have something like this. (It would be more relevant for a Webflow site that’s a blog - perhaps it’s a feature in that part of Webflow.)

Have a look at the article below. It seems like what you outlined in the OP is somewhat synonymous with what Webflow have been doing for some time now. If so, this is huge for Bubble and I’d absolutely love to try it out!

@jamesbond - That article seems to describe the ability for Webflow to generate a sitemap for your site, which is something Bubble apps have been able to do previously (Bubble also had the ability to use your own sitemap instead).

The new feature here is to fill the sitemap with dynamically generated URLs when you have a page that is assigned a data type. The Webflow help article doesn’t seem to point to something similar, so not sure if they do or don’t do this, but we certainly think it’s a useful feature :slight_smile:

Also, note that this feature has been rolled out! Check out the post from Grace here . Thus, closing this topic about alpha testing. Thanks to all our volunteer alpha testers!

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