Please need help :The sitemap generate dynamically is not getting updated


The sitemap which automatically generates for dynamic pages is not getting updated in my live url.

But when I checked my appname.coom/version-live/sitemap.xml

It has updatedd with all my dynamic pages

Why this is not working without “version-live” in my url. The main Url
This is not getting updated

The problem occurs when i submit the site map to google search console.

Which should not include “version-live”! RIGHT! . IF I include that then there will be disruption in the urls right

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Hi, pls anyone need a help in this.

The sitemap is not showing my dynamic links for a particular dynamic page.

I am currently investing why no SEO site audit tools can see Bubble’s internal page links.

Wonder if this is linked :thinking:

Yes I was also on research for internal linking of pages couple of weeks back.

What I found that the semrush tools is showing all my internal links whereas some tools like ahref is not showing.

I also researched on google search console which is eventually picked up my main internlinks eventhough some are missed out.

Now when I create new pages (dynamic page which picks data from DB) is not getting updated in the sitemap.
I don’t know why.

If i could see those in site map then only I can submit to search console. Right or it won’t pick it up.

The funny fact is that
When i checked the site map with “version-live” in my url
Eg. Appname.comm/version-live/sitemap.xml
I could find all the pages in that url sitemap.

I wondering why is not showing in my main url without"version-live" in it.

And also I cannot submit my sitempa with version live text in it o search console which will replicate all the pages with that url. Which is worse thing to happen.

Please really looking for some solution or help on this

There is a way to submit, via API, the dynamic pages to register them at Google.

Very weird that there are two different sitemaps for verstion-live … that must be a bug :frowning:

I have a number of SEO bugs to report, so will do that as well if I can replicate.

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Thanks @NigelG .
I also think its a bug. Thanks for offering out to include this bug on your list.
Please report it and make it visible to bubble authorities. I HOPE they fix these SEO issues as soon as possible.

Please follow up in this thread if you find any new updates in these issues

Thanks :blush:

We’re having the same issue with a job board. Just discovered that the /version-live/ sitemap is updated and correct, but the regular live sitemap hasn’t yet updated to include new ‘things’ for at least 17 days.

I’ve submitted a bug report to the Bubble team, in the meantime we’re planning to stop using the dynamic sitemaps feature and instead use a good 'ol sitemap page that includes links to all dynamic content like this: . Hopefully the interbotz will be able to sniff out our pages from there.

This might work for you also @ananthurg77

did they respond to the bug?

@laowingkindavid Yes, they confirmed it as an issue, currently in back & fourth with support so Bubble team can find the issue & debug


Yes they have fixed this bug at my end, I hope your’s too is fixed

Thanks for respond, it’s happening to me today unfortunately:(

Just an update on this topic. Our dynamic sitemaps seem to be working properly now - updating at least once a day. This is what Sofia from Bubble support said:

“The dynamic sitemaps re-generate if they are more than 1 day old when the URL is visited is not a recent update.”
“In addition, Bubble sitemaps are cached everyday and it can take up to 24-48 hours to notice a change in the sitemap itself since it has to regenerate as well.”

Is this is working for you now @laowingkindavid?

yes it seems ok now, will keep monitoring, thanks

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