[New feature] Table element [beta]

It’s officially here! We’re excited to roll out the long-awaited first iteration of Bubble’s new Table element.

The Table element is a new container type that’s similar to a Repeating Group, but with special features that make it easier to build beautiful, responsive tables in your applications.

With the table element, you can:

  • Create column headers by making one or more static rows at the top of the table that are unaffected by the element’s data source.
  • Make static rows “sticky,” meaning they will remain at the top as you scroll through the records below (for those big dashboards you build)
  • Decide how many rows and columns you want to display (including infinite) and adjust the overall table structure as needed
  • Easily copy/paste rows and columns

Read more in the blog post, or get all the fine details in the manual.

We also want to give a shout out to the community who proposed and upvoted this feature on the ideaboard — there are a ton of highly-requested features out there, and this is just the first step in giving you more ways to build and display data in your app.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on how you’re planning to use the table element in the comments!


Finally :grinning:



I wish this feature came long ago, as I have built so many tables painstakingly.

Great that it is there though, now. Will check it out!


Sounds so so so simple. But this will be a fantastic addition!

Looking forward to playing around with it.



I was hoping for Excel-table like behavior (like the current Bubble HandsonTable) in run-mode so multiple rows/columns/cells can be selected/copy/pasted with events when those happen, but maybe in the future :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

Looks useful either way!

Also I noticed on the new table element autobinding doesn’t work with the input directly in the cell. Easy fix for now is put the input in a group first.


I thought it would have the ability to do calculations from different Cell’s inputs. But rather it just solves the problem of having a title row that is static.



Man this would be nice!!! I still have trouble grabbing input values inside of a repeating group. Kills me anytime I have to do that - And for some reason I find myself having to do it often.


Nice! @kate.mcnally Is drag & drop resorting on the roadmap?

As a user
I want the ability to quickly and permanently resort the order of things in a list
So that I don’t need to make a number of manual updates to a sort order / index


@kate.mcnally It appears when you are horizontal scrolling on a chart the row 0 doesnt keep the background


Nice. It speeds up development proccess. How to make it dynamic like repeating groups? Eg. hit a button to show next / previous 10 rows. It would be nice same Element Actions of Repeating Groups in Workflow tab.


I was expecting a few things differently on this component:

  1. I was expecting the header row could be dynamic… such that in row 0 we would get to choose the field names from the “Type of Content” that we specified and those row 0 choices define the data for each respective column.

  2. I was expecting to see sortable column headers

  3. I was expecting to see paging built in to the table component.

  4. I was expecting a “footer” row(s) similar to the header where we would have the ability to select summed/total values “automagically”

I realize this is a beta release and it is a great start for sure. Is there a roadmap for additional features for this particular component?


Tried this out. Very useful. I can see this improving over time. Right now the horizontal responiveness isnt working properly.

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I just added some Table elements to the Bubble Essential Kit chrome extension:

:point_right: Check it out on our documentation: Bubble Essential Kit | Tables | #1 Bubble.io Component Library


Got excited until I saw it uses the awful new responsive editor only. Too bad I won’t be able to use it!

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I’ve built a table with a data source that can be filtered on the page. The table updates the first time a filter is applied. When I clear the filter, the table does not revert back to show the unfiltered list. Anyone else facing this issue?


Yes, think I’m getting pretty much the same. I’ve just sent in a bug report.

My table’s data source is a search with a date constraint that comes from a dropdown.

If I cycle through each of the possible dropdown values, the table updates as you’d expect.

If I then go back to one of the previous dropdown values, the table doesn’t update.

In the debugger, it looks like it goes through all of the correct steps, the table just doesn’t update.


There’s a new responsive editor??!


Just push through kheimstead982, you will learn to love it. :grinning: