[New feature] Table element [beta]

Amazing, Can’t wait to try this out!

Same here… this is basic and should have been tested as one of many use cases … In my view this feels like an ALPHA Release not a BETA release

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Completely agree. I need this all the time!

Yeah I’ve got to agree, its been months in the making (first mentioned in January’s community update). I feel like its missing a lot of bells and whistles like people mention e.g. sorting, pagination, cell formulas, direct cell reference…


Glad to see more folks needing this. I have a repeating group with inputs in them that can update a calculation… and my heart hurts everytime I have to go work with it.


Since there’s no paging built in to the table (like in a repeating group) having a fixed number of rows is kinda useless.

However, after creating a custom state and changing the data source so that it uses “items from #” was able to get the table to page with r number of rows.

Unfortunately, when it gets to the last page (which has fewer than r rows) the table “hangs”. Although the paging workflows work fine and the debugger shows that the datasource is correctly positioned, the table doesn’t update.

There’s doesn’t seem to be a way to refresh the table without reloading the page.

Finally, you can’t put a static row at the bottom, so sums, counts etc. need to be built outside the table.

Not a bad start, but probably not worth working with until these bugs are sorted out.


Just read through all the comments and got to this…about sums it up perfectly for me. I’ll just keep copying and pasting my custom table element I created using an RG that has all the things people say this is missing.


Thank you all for this feedback! There are so many great enhancements here and we will use this feedback to prioritize features before and after our GA release.

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The order of sources is throwing me off a little bit

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@kate.mcnally Great work! I believe this step will open more avenues for more features.

In addition to this list, I’ll add a couple more

  • I was expecting the table to render as table on the frontend <table></table> not just divs.
  • I was expecting to be able to resize columns in the preview mode

Ola!, fiz alguns testes , até o momento achei muito legal, coloquei o vídeo para vocês observarem os testes, também achei a velocidade de resposta muito boa, quando tiver um tempo maior, irei colocar outras funções para ver o funcionamento.


@kate.mcnally This is great!

How about adding the ability to make x columns sticky?


please add sorting and filtering by each column header and a way to create a formula e.g. C1= A1*B1
otherwise this is just like a repeating group formatted like a table that i have stored in my templates.


Someone who has already tested the brand new Table element is having this problem, the contents of one column invading the other, I tried everything and nothing solved the problem, another annoying thing is this scrollbar that does not disappear at all, and it would be on a smaller screen it’s fine, but at full resolution it shouldn’t be constantly appearing, spend the day testing to see how to replace my tables with this element, but apparently it still needs adjustments, before practical use, another problem found, the filtering does not work correctly, the filter is applied and when it clears the inputs the data does not return.

Ps.: I tested the element available in the Essential Kit and it has the same element configuration problem as you can see in the photo:

  1. Tabela Repeat Group;
  2. Elemento Table que criei;
  3. Elemento do Essential Kit que tentei adaptar.

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The best part about the legacy editor was the ability to drag around elements. Taking that away really ruined the whole “easy” and “fun” aspect of bubble.


You still can. When the parent group is set to fixed you can move around whatever you want.


This is so great @kate.mcnally !

Question: Do all of the entries of an object get loaded when using the table? Other plugin tables had this behavior which in some instances is not desired.

FYI: the column and row handles can disappear in the editor in certain situations.
CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 16.13.38

This is a realy good addon. Thanks! :clap:

But all my repeating groups already have this same behavior and I don’t see me changing to “Tables” so soon. What would make me consider to change alllllll my RG would be the implementation of some native features like:

  • Native Pagination
  • Native Sorting
  • Native Filtering

AND, of course, if the performance is better. Anyone already run some performance test?

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Feature request: give me access to the row’s index from the base row.