[New feature] Table element [beta]

I’m noticing if there are several columns in the table and I scroll to the end of the table, the header and row background do not extend to the end of the scroll. They cut off after the point that is visible before you scroll.

Before scrolling, everything looks great:

After scrolling, header and row background on hover does not extend to the end of the table:


This loads like repeating groups load. We only load the entries displayed in the table.


That is great Kate! @kate.mcnally

Thank you

Same thing for me.
I came here indeed to see if anybody else was facing the same issue. Works ok when you filter for the first time. After that, nothing changes.

Has anyone managed to get auto-binding to work on the table element? I’ve added a combo box and trying to update the row based on the new value of the combo but nothing shows in the auto-binding settings.

Usually this is a privacy rules thing but it works when I try it outside the Table element.

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Interesting. I was trying to record a tutorial using List Shifter for pagination, but I can’t get the table element to show more items per page.

A demo

Request: That headers allow for dynamic data.

Use Case:
I want to set the allocation of people and show this per week. Thus the people need to be the headers.

In this case the headers need to allow for dynamic fields. Right now they just show as blank.


Here’s my video (no audio) showing the difference with a Repeating Group. Both share the same source, list of users filtered by name. RG updates as expected, table only updates the first time. After that, nothing changes.
And really weird behaviour changing the color of a text in the table (the status text) after filtering.


my thoughts exactly when the new responsive engine came out. then i realized how easier it was to build responsive apps, and i never looked back

Posting this here so that other people can chime in. Here are some of the initial main flaws I have noticed so far:
First of all it seems to have a bug that cuts off the content beyond the initial width whenever you scroll horizontally (someone above mentioned this too):

Next is that when working on those columns in the editor, it is not well designed for more than a few currently.

What I mean by this is that if you have more than, let’s say 8 columns, they get cutoff, and it is almost impossible to access them.

Here’s what I mean:
There are 7.5 columns in this table that we can see. But anything after that is not visible.

It may not seem like an issue at first, but here are the two big problems with this:

  1. You cannot rename the columns. They are just called Column A, Column B, etc. And if you have more than 1 table element, it can become a disaster searching for the right one.

  2. The columns don’t exist in the elements tree, so clicking the ‘Reveal in the Elements tree’ button does… you guessed it; nothing.

Curious to hear if there are any other things I should be aware of, and if Bubble is planning to fix these things soon or if I should hold off on using the Table Element until things are resolved.

I tweeted this too if anyone wants to discuss there: https://twitter.com/nocode_saas/status/1685424863102566400?s=46&t=n5VfiTk3aU9-qznf9DBxTA


Hello friends!
Can I do pagination using the toolbox plugin?

Yes and no.
Yes it should, but it is currently not updating reliably. I got pagination to work with Floppy’s List Shifter, but changing the total list size doesn’t work.

more info, follow this thread: [New feature] Table element [beta] - #51 by rico.trevisan


Nope. Did you figure it out? I’m trying to set up a table that allows users to modify each cell, but can’t figure it out for the life of me.

I couldn’t get it work and it works in a regular RG so think it’s a bug.

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@kate.mcnally Does this support auto-binding? I’m trying to set up a table that allows users to modify cell values via. Multiline Input element, but am getting the “The parent element and the page have no type of content or it is not modifiable….” error when I check the Enable auto-binding on parent element’s thing box. When I check the corresponding cell element’s Appearance settings, I don’t see anywhere to modify the type of content or data source.

UPDATE: I got it to work by placing a group within the cell first and properly setting its data source. I thought I could do it via the Cell 0A, 0B, etc. but no luck. Anyway, it’s working now.


I’m going to be absolutely honest: What a disappointment. No sorting, no filtering, no pagination, no totals, no calculations, no way to export or download table data. Is this a joke?
Bubble team you could do better!


My friend… if only you understood the definition of a “beta” feature.

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I thought I did. I worked as a software developer for many years and the definition as I understood as follows:

New features are not generally added to the beta versions. I’d be very surprised if they did that.

It’s possible that Bubble does not adhere to the normal Software Development Life Cycle practices, and I hope they do add more much needed features soon–either to the beta (highly unlikely) or later in the release cycle.

That said, I have no beef to pick with on understanding the meanig of beta release. Maybe I’m wrong. I appreciate your response anyhow.



They role out “beta” features so we can put it through QA. They want to know what can be improved or what needs to be improved to ensure it’s actually a viable feature in the Bubble application going forward. They do not intend for their “beta” features to be used in Production until it’s ample enough for full release. We give them suggestions and feedback so they can make it better! :slight_smile: