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New features flooding in

With the massive amount of new plugins that many of us could include in our apps, it seems to me that many are simply lost in the myriad of daily releases.
Other than scouring around 3rd party plugins, surely there must be a better way to become aware of what the community finds as useful for their apps?

I wish one could search the plugin page by release date

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Yeah I’m constantly impressed with all the plugins that are 10/10, and yet, never get much traction. It’s great for the platform right now, but If I was a dev, would I really want to make more plugins after my first one received little to no hits?

Yeah I agree… I’ve been using bubble for years and it’s hard to find plugins sometimes with all of the new ones.

The search feature isn’t great, I feel this should be upgraded.

I agree to there should be better incentives for developers