[New Forked Plugin] Anti Copy Plugin

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Anti Copying Plugin

Hey everyone! This plugin is a forked version of @NicholasPagonis’s anti copying plugin. We found this plugin to be great and unique, but one thing we wanted and lacked was the ability to disable copying on certain pages instead of our whole Bubble application, this is why we forked the version of his plugin then made it so the anti copying script would be active based on which pages the element is placed on.

What does this plugin do?
This plugin disables certain keybindings like Control + C, Control + Shift + I, F12, and much more. By doing this, it prevents any user with Javascript enabled on their browser to copy elements on the page. This plugin allows these features to be enabled on certain pages, so you can have public facing pages be copy locked, but admin pages not be.

What technologies does this plugin us?
It uses Javascript.

How can I install it?
The plugin page is at: Anti Copy Plugin | Bubble
You can install this plugin on your application by searching, “Anti Copy” in the plugin store.

We’d like to give credit to @NicholasPagonis for creating the original plugin, publishing it as an Open Source (MIT) license which allowed us to fork it!

Drop them below in a reply or reach us directly at support@afterthought-system.com


The plugin used to work fine, it was exactly what I needed, but now stopped working… It is still visible and on the page, I uninstalled and re-installed the plugin and it didn’t change anything…
Do you have any idea why did it happen?