[New free Plugin] Air Pull To Refresh

Here is a free plugin that allow you to Pull to refresh on mobile.

Here is the plugin in action.

Note: This is activated only on mobile.
Haven’t tested it extensively so let me know if you find any issues with it.

Q. Hey i love those material sliders how do i get them.
A. Will release them soon for FREE. Still under testing.



Thanks, I’ll try it as soon as possible!

It’s amazing how you could make profit from these but still release them for free. Thanks for all you’re doing to help the community!


@seanhoots Thanks for this! Nice addition and that’s something I missed sometimes ago in one of my apps :wink:

One thing : I’m thinking about FB or Linkedin where the ‘Pull to refresh action’ trigger a refresh of the feed (aka RG) and not the entire page So, makes me wonder if we could make this plugin more custom with for example a 'When air pull to refresh"s worflow. So then ones can trigger any subsequent actions they want like showing a toast, refreshing a RG,…

@mattmazzega, i think i might be able to do this.
For now someone reported of an issue where the refresh works but the icons showing the refresh isn’t visible so i’m trying to get that to debug that and i will take a look at your feature request


I’m also experiencing the issue of the refresh working but the icons not showing.


the function is working. but the refresh icon is not visible. Any update on this? thank you bro

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