New Plugin: Refreshed FREE


Refreshed FREE


Customize Your Apps Refresh Bar. The free version allows for an image of your specified size, Pro allows for animations, text, logo’s even dynamic data to appeal to your current user and its included in CSS Tools Pro & will be available shortly.


Instead of the cool refresh window, would it not be possible to force a browse refresh? Clearly the plugin knows there is a new version of the app so could that information not trigger a workflow of page refresh?

There is a paid version that does exactly this, infact it instantly rewrites the page leaving no trace of the old content before navigating to the new version.

I dont see it in your store?

If i put everything that I have built in that store the page wont load… :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link for this? Thanks.

@vincent56, @nomadkelley I have added it to the store.

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for some reason I lost my password but when trying to reset the password I get the infamous not a valid password reset error window… just FYI.

Ill register with another email address.

By the way, what does this mean:

it will instantly remove all elements from the page then begin to refresh to your chosen URL

thanks for that, Give the password reset a go now, as for removing the elements, it makes its first priority to remove any form of use from a page, then proceeds to relaunch using the URL you specify in the elements settings.

What if a page gets loaded from cache as I’ve experienced with a user. Update over the weekend, laptop booted, browser opened, tab loaded from cache serving old version without any sign of new version being deployed. User starts working and only when page gets refreshed (by navigating to another page for example), the new version gets loaded, destroying all work in the process.

I will test this specific case and if it doesnt stop that issue i will add some code to make sure it does.


Additionally, when a user has multiple tabs open, will all refresh?

Did you test this? I think I’ll buy the plugin and do some tests myself as I feel we would benefit from this anyway.

I will also see if all tabs refresh on system push.