New here, problem / bug(?) with footer

Testing out Bubble and have configured a site with a template. I’ve edited the footer and somehow the preview/live version doesn’t look at all like what I see in the editor. Any ideas?

Here’s the editor view (looks the same when viewed on the page and when I “Edit Reusable Component”)

Here’s what it looks when I run the app in Preview mode:

Is there some sort of conditional on the text elements that appear differently?

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NICE!! That was it. All good now. Btw, when in edit mode for a reusable component, how do I exit that mode and get back to my page? Seems I have to hit top left drop and select the page again? Am I doing that right?

Yes when you are editing a reusable element it is as if you are editing a page so to go back you have to select the page from the dropdown in the top left again.

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