New-ish Bubble User - STUCK - Need some guidance

I’m fairly new to Bubble, have been using it for a few weeks. I’m building out a web app mainly to capture and manage ‘leads’ throughout the process. It isn’t a full CRM, but that would be the basic functionality. In other words, there is a landing page with an input form and the results of that form is turned into a ‘lead’. From there, myself or other users can view, edit, and move those leads assigned to them along a milestone track (and add notes/comments along the way).

So far I have the basic pages setup and things are going well. However, I have been stuck on a problem that I just can’t seem to figure out no matter how hard I research and try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The issue comes when I am trying to add notes to a specific lead. I’ve created the structure to add and view the notes (a List of Things), but when I add them, the notes show up for all the leads (not just the one I am adding it to). I’ve tried different structures, adding the Notes List under the LEAD data type, adding it under it’s own data type called LEAD NOTES, but no matter how I try it, the notes how up on all the leads. (example below)

I can’t give access to the app, but I will provide some screenshots of the structure. I would love any feedback to help point me in the right direction. I am at a loss.

Here is the page showing 2 example LEAD’s:

Here is the workflow when someone clicks on the leads Pencil/Edit icon. It brings up a popup (popup user details) with all the lead details:

Here is the page showing the Popup User Details. Note how I added a couple of notes to the lead. Even though I add the note to the specific lead, the notes show up on all leads.

Here is the popup to add a new lead:
Add Note View Popup

Here is the workflow to open that popup:
add note workflow

Here is the workflow that saves the note:

Once the note has been saved, here is the RG and nested RG and text that displays the notes on the lead detail page:

lead notes - nested in main lead notes RG

Lead notes text - inside nested lead notes RG

I know it can be hard to follow along with other peoples flows (at least it is for me at this point). Even if you don’t know the solution, I would love any input on where my breakdown might be. I like learning Bubble, but this issue has me completely stumped.

Here is a quick video of the issue. No sound, but it shows the notes being added to all leads. Thought it might help show the issue.



The notes are being added to a list that is evident.

When they are displayed to different users means one of various possible scenarios that come to mind:

  1. The note does not belong to an object. In this case the object with. First and last names. I don’t know if that is a user object or a separate object like a “contact” in your app. Any which way … check if you are giving the object note an object “owner” (in essence … the object that you are displaying in the rg)

  2. The expression to show the notes in the rg is not written correctly. For this folks in this forum can help if you quickly share an extract of your dB structure and a screenshot of the expression used for the rg row

Thank you cmarchan, this comment makes sense to me, but I can’t figure out how to do it. The Database object that First and Last Name are part of is the LEADS object. The list of notes is currently outside of this object. I’ve tried it being inside of the LEADS object as well, but that didn’t work either. I’ll revisit this and move the list of notes back inside of LEADS. If that is the correct way to do it, maybe I was missing something simple. I’ll take a fresh look.

This may be part of the reason I couldn’t get it to work when the list of notes was inside of the LEADS object. I will take another stab at this as well and will provide additional information/screenshots if I can’t figure it out.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s hard being a Bubble Newbie, but it is great to have the support of this community.


Is a vicious problem usually

If the dB is not well structured things do not work well

If the flows do not load the dB relationships correctly things do not work well even with a good dB structure

If the conditions are not written well even with good flows and good dB structure… things do not work well …

But it mostly starts with a good dB structure! :grinning:

I’m trying :slight_smile: , but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. The starter videos are good, but until you get your hands dirty, it is hard to soak it all in.

Just to be clear, the NOTES should be part of the same database object LEADS that include the First Name, Last Name, etc.? Is that correct?

Name (text)
Last name (text)

Title (text)
Content (text)
Lead (lead)

Then in the rg do a search for notes whose lead is the user you want

If you anticipate notes to be less than 100 entries then do

Name (text)
Last name (text)
Notes (list of notes)

Title (text)
Content (text)
Lead (lead)

But … if you are going to be listing leads in RGs and these leads are a lot of leads then go with the first dB version. Reason: your app will turn slow

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For the life of me, I can’t figure this out, so frustrating. Here is a quick video of the issue (Notes being added to all leads, instead of the lead in question).

Here is the setup and workflow images. I will try and put them in the order they occur when using.

Here is the main page Repeating Group view:

Here is the main page Repeating Group Settings:
Lead RG settings

Here is the workflow for when the Note Icon is clicked (to open up popup):

Here is the View / Add Popup view:

Here are the settings to the popup window:
View Add Notes - popup settings

Here are the RG group settings on the popup window:

Finally, here is the Save Note button workflow:

Is there anything else I need to share in order to help find the issue? I’m embarrassed that I can’t figure out this issue on my own, but it has been 2 days now of no progress.