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NEW: Passbase Plugin- Identity Verification

We are excited to announce the release of our Passbase verification plugin!

Passbase is the most affordable and easiest to integrate identity verification for startups- so after searching through numerous identity verification platforms, we chose to share this one.



@alex.p Great plugin, got it up and running quickly with your excellent documentation! One question, the Passbase verification process requires an email address to be entered. Is there a way to send over a users email address to Passbase so the user doesn’t have to enter it again? I’m still learning API’s and haven’t done a POST and think if this is possible it would be a great addition to the documentation.

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Hey Ryan,

The user enters their email when they click the button so it is part of the process. No extra work required.

Ohhh I see. But you want it automatic. This plugin uses their 3rd party flow so we can’t edit that. You’d have to manually build in all the API calls to do so.

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