User ID Verification [e.g Onfido]

Hey guys,

Has anyone successfully used a third party ID verifier such as Onfido (
to integrate new user verification through signup on their app?


also interested !!

Likewise. In the mean time, I have it open an external link to passbase, which I’m checking manually.

Can you get the response from passbase?
If the user is validated, to pass that validation to bubble?

It is certainly possible. If you brought in an actual developer I’m sure you could connect it within a day. I was going to do it manually until we started generating revenue as there are so many tweaks I’d like an actual developer to work on. But, as it is, we laid off 3 developers due to COVID and Bubble has let me build way faster and farther than they had gotten by myself.

I still have to talk with all fo them in regards to the offer, I REALLY HATE it, when they keep the price a secret. I really feel scammed, like they create the best price for them :slight_smile:

The price section is publically available on Passbase. The best prices available. Plus, if you check them out on Producthunt this week, you get 3 months free!

not sure those are the best prices available.
They’ll offer you 3 months free as in no monthly fee, you only pay for verifications.
Thanks for the info, still looking forward to the other meetings I have setup for this week: onfido, fast and secure, self verify, shufti etc

I’ve looked into over 10 of the main ones out there. Most of them charge $1000-$5000 in set up charges and then $1.20-$2.50 per verification. Some are cheaper at scale, yes. But for setup it’s by far the best and for per transaction it is competitive.

the setup is a ripoff, doesn’t do ANYTHING for that fee

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Hi @pauljamess, @antoninkirchner, @alex.p, perhaps this solution may suit your needs: User verification and validation