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[New plugin] Advanced Financial Charts and Graphs

Hi @curtis.moiles!

Yes, as you control the data series of the chart, you can add a condition that swaps out the data source for one with a different time period when a button is clicked :slight_smile:

Hi, does your plugin provide stock prices or do we need to set up our own API?

@darren.james7518 The plugin only provides the charts, so you need to setup the data source yourself :slight_smile:

OK thank you

Could you help me set up the data API so I can use your plugin to display charts?

@darren.james7518 I am not sure if I can help with this. The demo page has an API implemented you could take a look at. However, every API is different. The forum does have a lot of resources about implemented APIs though :slight_smile:

Editor of demo page: Financialcharts | Bubble Editor

OK thanks, I will take another look.