[New plugin] Advanced Financial Charts and Graphs

Hi @curtis.moiles!

Yes, as you control the data series of the chart, you can add a condition that swaps out the data source for one with a different time period when a button is clicked :slight_smile:

Hi, does your plugin provide stock prices or do we need to set up our own API?

@darren.james7518 The plugin only provides the charts, so you need to setup the data source yourself :slight_smile:

OK thank you

Could you help me set up the data API so I can use your plugin to display charts?

@darren.james7518 I am not sure if I can help with this. The demo page has an API implemented you could take a look at. However, every API is different. The forum does have a lot of resources about implemented APIs though :slight_smile:

Editor of demo page: Financialcharts | Bubble Editor

OK thanks, I will take another look.

Hi @darren.james7518 , I know it’s been a few weeks but I have a fair bit of experience with financial charts/APIs, etc. I’d be happy to take a look and see what I can help with.


Hi @Thimo,

Just have to say that I love using these charts in my projects. Really great and high quality.

One question, is it possible to define the vertical price “start” and “stop” points so the chart scales vertically automatically upon render to contain a certain range of prices?

For example here is a chart I’m using for MSFT that natively defaults to this view:

However, it would be great if I could define the range that the vertical scale shows. Of course I can manually click and drag on the price axis on the right and squash and stretch it. But if I could dynamically tell it “show a range from $436.70 to $440.00”. My end user might now know that there are additional price lines that reside outside of view.

This way my other important price lines will be visible right from the start because I would know these values in advance and I could define to the chart what range to use. As in this example:

Any idea if this is possible to do with your plug in?

Thanks again,
Dan Underhill

Hi @underhill.dan!

Right now this is not possible but I can see the use case. I will explore of the library supported this feature! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, this would be a very valuable thing to do because in one project I’m working on now, I’d like to be able to isolate the range between today’s opening price, and yesterday’s closing price. If I could have the chart have an option to display just that range that would really help our user experience. Please let me know what you find out. Thanks so much!

Dan Underhill

Is it possible to add multiple y axis? @Thimo

@paulogustavopeixoto At this time 2 Y-axis are supported! You can look at the second chart on the demo page to see it in action: Advanced Financial Charts and Graphs. :slight_smile:

Hey Thimo, can you please provide the editor link for the plugin?

@YourFavFreelancer For sure, here it is: Financialcharts | Bubble Editor


Hi @Thimo , we want to add markers to your charts based on a number of database records. We can’t seem to loop through the add markers action because it is not accessible in the backend workflows. Do you have any suggestions for how we can add multiple markers based on dates in a database?

Hi @amy1 You can not perform plugin actions in backend workflows as those run on the server while the plugin is on the client. You can use a third party plugin for example to loop through a list of things! Like this one: List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now Part of Floppy

(I think it is now called Floppy)

Hopefully this helps!

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@Thimo Hey man. I added a for each loop to add multiple markers to a chart. For each iteration I add a marker to the chart on a specific series. The problem is that each marker has a different timestamp and they all show up on the same timestamp for some reason. Check pictures.

Hi @paulogustavopeixoto

I can’t really sees what goes wrong by looking at the pictures. As all the markers show up in the same spot, it looks like the timestamp is actually the same for each marker you append. Could you try to debug to see at what time stamp you are appending the marker? As I do not really now how your ‘for each’ loop works it will be hard for me to find the exact cause.