📍 New Plugin: Beautiful Maps - Mapbox

(more) May-24 updates
Just released a new version of the plugin (version 1.11.0).

  • The Map element now has a new exposed state called ‘Last Clicked Marker Unique ID
  • The ‘Add List of Markers’ action has a new (optional) field called ‘Unique IDs’ (list)

This basically lets you link each marker on your map to the unique ID of the associated location in your database.

The use case for this is if you’re using the ‘When Mapbox Marker is Clicked’ event, you can now trigger a workflow action that changes (or uses) the location associated with the marker you clicked.

Previously, this could be achieved by using the ‘Last Clicked Lng’ and ‘Last Clicked Lat’ exposed states to look up the relevant location in your database.

But that wouldn’t always work if you’re using the offset field to separate out markers that have the same address.

Using the ‘Last Clicked Marker Unique ID’ means that is not longer an issue.

Any questions let me know :slight_smile:

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(more) May-24 updates

Released a new version of the plugin (version 1.12.0)! A new exposed state has been added to the Mapbox Map element called ‘All Markers Loaded’.

This is a ‘yes/no’ field that changes to ‘yes’ once all markers have been loaded using the ‘Add List of Markers to Mapbox Map’ action.

This can be useful if you’re loading a large amount of markers and want to show a loading screen while they’re loading.


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Hey Alex - how about a feature that changes the selected marker icon? Right now, I’m hacking it by overlaying a new marker based on a set of conditions, but as soon as I select another marker, the previous marker still shows.

Hey @zico.gaeffke - nice idea.

I’ve a pretty busy product roadmap for the next while, but I’ll add this to the list of features to investigate adding.

Thanks for the feedback as always :slight_smile: