New Plugin - 🎦 Universal Video Recorder

Simple to use yet powerful recorder.


  • Record video from camera
  • Record desktop screen
  • Blur background
  • Choose front or back camera
  • Show video recording duration in real time
  • Capture photo
  • Capture desktop screenshots



  1. Add the element “Universal Recorder” on the page
  2. Use “Turn on Camera” action to setup before record
    The video will be displayed in the element
  3. Start recording with the action “Start Recording”
  4. Use “Stop Recording” to stop it

Save file:

  1. Database:
    The output file is in the element state “Recorded File” and it can be saved in database in File format.

  2. Download
    You can enable the “Auto Download” checkbox in the “Stop Recording” action and the file will start downloading on your device.