Creative Editor Plugin [testing new feature]

I’m working on a new feature on the creative editor plugin which enables adding and editing image masks, this feature will add the ability to
1- add image mask using SVG file
2- crop image inside this mask
3- cropper functionality to adjust the image location and scale inside the mask
I made a small app to test the feature while working on it, and need help testing it

you can watch the demo to test here

instructions to test it :

1- click on any mask to add it to the canvas
2- upload any image in the image uploader
3- click on replace the image
4- double click on the mask to crop the image

if you found any issues please let me know

to know more about Creative editor plugin

Screen Recording 2022-09-17 at 8.10.08 PM

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@momen Loving the plugin! But I have a request: You allow for Gifs to be added but don’t allow to export the canvas as a Gif. Do you think it’d be possible to add that functionality?

@momen Also, can you add the option to actually update the text content on the Update C-Text workflow?