🎨 New plugin! Cosmic Canvas: Drawing & Painting

Quick question. I want to show the image users created in the canva in a Kanban board repeating group. Is there any lighter way element that I can put into the repeating group to view the serialized canva? Or do I have to put the canva into the repeating group to view the serialized canva? I am trying to make the repeating group lighter.

Also, can you add a “Disable” option in the editor if the canva is the only option to view the serialized canva?

For writing fast on the canva, I do see some “smoothing” of the lines. I know this takes time to improve. Will you have a specific plan to improve that? I switched from FrabricJs to your plugin for the good value. It works for my purpose but would be even better if this can be improved.

Great value!

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Hello @gradylam ,
thank you for the kind words.

If you don’t need to edit the user-generated images you could use the “Export image from Canvas” workflow action, when the user finishes editing it. Flag the “Just create link” option - so the user will not actually download the image - and a file will be created in your database. You can access it from the canvas state “Exported image URL”. After, just show the image in the repeating group.

Otherwise, maybe setting an empty text in the “Mode” field should make the canvas a simple viewer.

Regarding the line smoothing, you could try to modify the canvas field “Draw smoothness”, to achieve the desired result.

Please let me know if that helps.

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How can I export the canvas at 1024*1024 on a mobile device, the exported image look good on PC but when tried in mobile it is too pixelated.

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Hello @nandhakt ,
the exported image size will be exactly the canvas size in pixel.

Hope that helps!

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Is that not currently possible?

So on mobile devices it can’t be more than 300-350px in width

It would be awesome if it has this feature because other canvas plugins has this feature where you can setup custom width & height.

You are right!
I’m going to implement that feature soon.

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Great, thank you

Hi @Cosmic.Steve ! I just subscribed to your plugin, and I really like it so far. However I can’t find something I would need. Is there a way to set the Zoom amount dynamically without using the mouse?

@Cosmic.Steve Hi…
is there any way to get the eraser to only erase the selected layer… right now it erases all the layers…

also is there a way to get access to the erasers hardness function? to do soft erases?

@Cosmic.Steve Hi what would it take to fix that eraser tool erasing all layers at once? It’s a pretty big deal and wondering would you would need to fix it?

Hello @zoltan1, thank you for using my plugin!
I’m sorry but somehow I wasn’t getting any email notification from the Bubble Forum and I lost all the messages since last week. Right now it’s not possible to set a zoom value programmatically, but it will in a future release.

Hello @ryan8 , sorry again for not checking the forum messages but I got no email notifications from the forum…

Only the visible layers will be erased right now. So one possibility is to set the visibility of the layers you want to preserve as false, so they don’t get erased. I’ll work on a simpler solution as soon as possible, including eraser softness.

Thank you for your feedback!

Hello everyone,
due to the big amount of requests I implemented some new features overnight. Here is the list:

  • Canvas and export size: it is now possible to set the canvas size in pixel, which will be exactly the exported image size @nandhakt @gnelson
  • Zoom via workflow: there is a new action in the workflow section that allows you to zoom in a point, selecting the point coordinates and the zoom amount @zoltan1
  • Non erasable levels: using the action “Set properties of an object” you can now set the “erasable” property. When set to false, the object will not be erased in the erase mode. The object property will be returned in the canvas state “Selected is erasable”. @ryan8
  • Erase only selected: setting a flag in the canvas fields, the eraser will act only on the selected objects. This will modify the erasable properties of each object. @ryan8

I am still working on the eraser hardness, which is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their feedback and for making this product better for everyone. :pray:


Hi all,
the plugin is now updated with the following new features:

  • Area selection on/off: it is now possible to enable or disable the area selection in the “move” mode
  • Click will select: you can choose if the click action will select a layer or not. This is particularly useful when you want to move an object which is hidden behind other elements. You can select it via workflow and then the user can move it without selecting something else
  • Move to: it is now possible to send an object to a specific position in the stack via this workflow

Thanks everyone for the precious feedback. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: