🎨 New plugin! Cosmic Canvas: Drawing & Painting

Is there a workflow that would allow my clients to “replace” an image? Like could I get the size and coordinates of the selected image and match them to the image they add? This would be useful for them to edit the brochure layouts I give them. Otherwise they need to remove, add and resize.

You have to create a specific workflow for each image that you want to swap. I see 2 ways to do that:

  • you can save size and dimensions of your current image, and when your user activate the workflow you will automatically remove, add and resize

  • you can manipulate the serialized canvas, that you can access as a state of the Canvas element. You could find and replace the image URL with the new one, and then load the modified serialized canvas. This is not recommended IMHO for a couple of reasons.

We could discuss via PM if you want.

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How does the font selection work? I got some google fonts to work but not others.

Just following up on the fonts. Are all google fonts supposed to work, or do I need to install the fonts somewhere? On the demo page I can change the font to “Raleway” but I can’t change it to a Google font like, “Dancing Script”

Hello @jeffmccutcheon , the plugin can access your Bubble app’s fonts. Infact, you can set the canvas textbox font by changing the bubble element’s native field Font. If you need to add new fonts to your app, you can check out this link: Custom Fonts | Bubble Docs

Feel free to drop me a DM for further support.

Hi @Cosmic.Steve

Everything in the plugin was working well until I used the Export Image (create link) function. Everytime I try to capture the URL in the next workflow, the first instance never returns the URL, it’s always the 2nd+ click that returns the URL. I’ve reviewed through all the logs, checked all possible causes and still can’t find the issue. I’m assuming there’s something to do with the plugin.

How to replicate:

  1. Export Image Function (just create link = yes)
  2. Create a new thing with data field = :art:Canvas Thumbnail Doodle’s Exported image URL

It will always return empty first generated data record, 2nd data record will return the URL.

Hello @PhastCo ,
You should wait for the plugin to generate the image file and save that in your Bubble database.

That will take just a few seconds, but if you add some workflow actions right after the export the URL will not be ready.

That’s why we provided an event, triggered by the plugin, named “File URL generated”. You can place your actions inside there.

Feel free to DM me for any further support! :grinning:

Thanks for the quick reponse! @Cosmic.Steve

It works great now!

I figured there was a delay so I added a pause function but even that didn’t work no matter how long the pause was for. And the most deceiving part was how all the workflow logs & step by step debug showed a returned file URL after that step even when in reality it wasn’t updated.

Thanks for the help!

For the fonts is it possible to trigger a rerender when we change the font? I changed it to a dropdown picker vs typing in (on your advanced example). But the font only changes once I change the text box size.

Also, I find I need to manually load the fonts into the header - I’m only using Google Fonts. Not sure why this is but seems to be the case across all of my font selecting.

Hello @kara ,
the font changes are rendered as soon as you call the action “set properties of an object”. I’ll DM you a test app where you can check that.

About the Google fonts, I’m guessing that Bubble doesn’t load all Google fonts by default: thus, it doesn’t have a reference when you ask to render a specific font if you don’t load it yourself.

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