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[Plugin Update] Free Daily.Co Plugin Coming Soon

Hi all,

I’m working on a free plugin that integrates with the daily video and audio api. With it you can create, update and join video call rooms, choose between a few different video call styles (top-right, bottom, full-screen/center) and create owner only broadcasts.

For now it’s a private plugin as I do a little more testing but it will be public in the next few weeks. However if anyone wants to try it out, share early feedback or recommend additions feel free to PM me!



Hi there! I’m very curious to know how this project turned out?

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Hello! It’s live here’s the the thread on the plugin and here’s the direct link to the plugin!

If you do end up trying it out feel free to let me know if you have any comments, feedback, or questions!


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Oops! Guess I should have done my homework before asking. Thanks so much for the reply. What a great contribution to the community. I’m curious if you’ve considered adding API calls for recordings. I’ve been considering using in an upcoming build, but want to be able to snag the cloud recording after the livestream has ended and pass it to MUX for storage and on-demand streaming.

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Hello! It’s not in the plugin currently but just added the actions for that to the plugin. Testing it tomorrow and should be able to share an updated version in the next few days. I think to use with MUX all you would need is a Stream Key.

Happy to help troubleshoot and bounce ideas if there are other customizations you need!

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Thanks so much, Lola! Curious if the plugin additions made it through testing.

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Hi ts11,

Livestreaming in the daily plugin for bubble is live! You’ll just need the room url for the daily room you would like to stream, and a meeting owner token (you can create one with the create a meeting token action). To stream a room to MUX you’ll just need the mux stream key and rtmp url.

Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck with anything!

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Nice! This is wonderful. Thank you so much, Lola. Possibly ignorant follow-up: How would one then go about getting the recording URL for a livestream once it’s concluded? (For later playback)

No worries! So you have a couple of options with mux. In particular, you can get this through their dashboard or programmatically through the API. The daily plugin lets you stream the call directly to mux so all the information would be accessible through mux itself.

Manually in the MUX Dashboard:

To get a stream key, you’ll:

  1. Sign into mux, and in the left pane, head to video/live streams
  2. Select create new live stream
  3. Select run request and then view live stream
  4. When you select view live stream you’ll see some information about your live stream, including your stream key and your RTMP URL options.
  5. In the daily live stream action in the plugin, you’ll put your RTMP URL combined with your stream key into the RTMP URL property in the below format rtmp://
  6. In your dashboard, you’ll also see your playback URL, which you can copy or store
  7. Once you join a room as a room owner, you’ll be ready to start the Livestream and when it ends you can do what you’d like with the link!

Programatically through the MUX API:

  1. Send a post request to
  2. The response (which will be accessible in a bubble if you use the api connector) will include your stream key, which you’ll combine with rtmp:// to start a livesream in the daily - live stream action
  3. The response will also include the playback id, which you can combine to create a playback url{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8

Hope that helps!


You rock, Lola :raised_hands: Thanks for taking the time to answer. Really excited for this.

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That’s great, so you must have some code in your plugin which is sending the data from user’s browser - to them - and into MUX? so it’ seamless. This is great, I need to find out how this is working since I know you can’t sent data directly from the browser to an RTMP/S endpoint. Great work!

Hi @lola! Quick question for you. Does this plugin support “knocking” through the “Join Room” request?

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It does! In the daily-create room action, you’ll want to set the enable_knocking property to true (or yes in the most recent version) and you’ll also want to set your room to private. Knocking will only be enabled on private rooms.

Then when a meeting owner joins ( you’ll use the daily - create meeting token action to create an owner meeting token. You’ll set the is owner parameter to true (or yes in the most recent version)) and if someone doesn’t have access right to the room, they’ll need to knock and be let in by a meeting owner before they can join!

Let me know if you have any issues with that!

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Thank you!