Videochat Plugin Idea 🚀

Hi Bubblerrsss!
Hope you are doing awesome :star2:

With two friends we are working on a Fully customizable videochat completely whitelabled.
The idea would be to have it integrated in your project and set it up with just a few clicks.

So we were wondering if you were interested in the idea of Videochat pluggin for bubble.
Would you expect any special feature? Would this work for you?

If you also have any suggestion on how to build it or tip, we would love to hear it.

Thank you all for your time! :rocket:

Hello, there is already at least one full featured plugin for an online video chat service (daily).

But if you have a better competing system, I’m sure someone will want to use it.

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Thank you Troy!
Did you use it? The name is Daily? :thinking:

Yes, you can find it on the forums and on Google also. No I am planning on it though, their rates are great.

@euge I’m thinking of integrating Daily for an app I’m working on. But I’d be interested in seeing what your plugin can do different to Daily. I guess the difference would most likely be on the UI/UX side where a pre-made video interface will easily be integrated to our apps?

Excellent! Thank you agaain

Exactly, the idea is to offer a seamless integration within minutes!
You could also custom it as you prefer: logo, colors, fonts, positions

I’m curious, what are you working on??

Hello @euge

It’s great to read about your video chat plugin.

I’m currently using the plugin for a project of mine, and while it works well, there are some limitations. I’m interested in having more control over the UI/UX interface. Customization capabilities like you’ve mentioned, sound very promising.

One critical feature I would highly recommend adding is webhook support. In my use case, I need a webhook to notify my Bubble app whenever a user goes offline. This is something I find lacking in the current solutions.

I’m eager to see how your plugin could better fit into my project, and I’m sure others here are as well.