[NEW PLUGIN] Date Range Picker

Date Range Picker

Do you need a tiny and powerful date range picker, I recommend you to give it a try and be amazed :slight_smile:

As usual you can check DEMO PAGE and Community & Support

Also any issue can be opened here for answers, for almost instant answers use Community link above, thank you.

And as always, enjoy it <3


Released v1.1.0
Added state “Selected Range as Date List”

Enjoy it <3

Placeholder for the input added :slight_smile:

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Does this output a list of dates as well as a date range? If not, can it?? :slight_smile:

Hi, yes it does :slight_smile:
Returned states from the plugin are selected range, also list of selected days :slight_smile:
Enjoy :wink:

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Hi bubblers,

Patch released. Version 1.2.1
Fixed some style messing bugs

Morning, I can’t get the reset to work. I’d like to be able to clear the dates in the input which acts as a filter for a calendar.
I’ve tried with reset date range, clear data in container group and reset inputs, none of which have worked.
Are you able to advise?


Hi Alan,

I changed a bit the demo page and added a reset button on it which call the reset action on the picker element. Reset function will reset the date to initial selected date range in the plugin settings.

Have a look :slight_smile:
I hope this is the behavior you want?

Best regards,

Thanks, that still isn’t doing anything for me. I use the range picker to filter an Air Calendar view, and the reset button doesn’t remove the dates selected from the picker, so the calendar is still stuck in a filtered view. Any ideas?

ayo bubblers,

new mini update here. customizable colors for picker :slight_smile:

there is a new property in this update: Custom Colors, which is a mini CSS file with color properties for different ui in range picker. You can just download the file, make some changes, re-upload it and boom, it’s done :white_check_mark:


CSS File itself:


Hope you’ll enjoy, ty all