🚀 [New Plugin] - Digital Ocean Spaces Plugin for Bubble - Save $$$ on data heavy apps

Hey! bubblers, so I had a client in the past who want to build a file sharing service and a chatroom with file attachment capabilities, and being a big fan of Digital Ocean file storage (Spaces), I realized that there is no solid architecture where I can build using spaces as my File Storage.

That inspired me to build this awesome plugin, called “Digital Ocean Spaces - FileManager” - and its finally live now, The bubble review team quoted it as a “good idea” to build upon.

Bubble’s $475/Month plan just gets you 50GB of storage which is quite small if want to host user generated content on your application, The plugin solves this problem by allowing you to leverage Digital Oceans Low cost Spaces Storage (Just $5 a month for a whooping 250GB of storage) and expandable upto multiple terabytes.

All the documentation related to the use is already on the plugins page, its simply as 1,2,3 to setup, and soon I will create a video on setting it up so you can quickly get started.

Find the plugin here: Digital Ocean Spaces Plugin

If any of the bubblers we have, got some idea in your wishlist and you want to see that as a plugin for bubble, do let me know in comments.



Really nice ! Bravo ! :raised_hands:t2:

Took a look at Digital Ocean when I built Nocodable but chose AWS in the end due to simplicity of integration with Bubble.

Digital Ocean is a great alternative, and your plugin is well needed !

Amazing job !