Has anyone made some other S3 Object Storage Serivce plugin(Blackblaze,Digital Ocean)?

Since Bubble storage is not very sufficient for hosting as I want to make an app where users could view/download many photos and files if necessary, I would need a storage service for my app, but currently the plugin market only has 2 storage service plugin and they don’t really meet my needs:

One is amazon s3 which is extrmemly expensive for data transfers(1 TB egress costs 90 USD),

the other is wasabi which is not very suited for file downloading as their egress policy is rather limited.

So I would like to know has anyone created plugins for other Object Storage Serivce sites like blackblaze and digital ocean for use in bubble as their data transfer fees are way less expensive than AWS S3 and they are more scalable if needed.


Thanks for your post! We also offer a Box plugin if that’s helpful for you. For example, you can set up a file uploader so that its contents are saved to Box rather than Bubble.