[New Plugin] Notion Renderer

Hey everyone!

We just released a new useful plugin - a way to render notion content directly in your bubble app. This plugin allows you to render both :loudspeaker: public and :key: private notion pages.

Try the demo out yourself :point_right:t4: https://notion-renderer.bubbleapps.io/version-test

Get the plugin here :point_right:t4: Notion Renderer Plugin | Bubble


Some highlights and features:

:white_check_mark: Accurate
:white_check_mark: Responsive
:white_check_mark: Simple to use
:white_check_mark: Fast loading
:white_check_mark: Dark mode

Try the demo :point_right:t4: https://notion-renderer.bubbleapps.io/version-test
View the editor :point_right:t4: notion-renderer | Bubble Editor
Read the docs :point_right:t4: Notion Renderer Plugin | Bubble


Cool, gonna have to try this out!

This is awesome! I just bought this to use in a blog setup. I was in the process of building my own back end but this is going to save me a ton of time haha and make it much easier for my non-technical counterpart to write posts.

One question, though: is there any way to render it wider than the ~640px width it currently seems to stick to? Itโ€™s responsive below that point which is great, but doesnโ€™t expand beyond that.

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i think thatโ€™s what notion sticks to as well, and the renderer engine is trying to stay close to that.

iโ€™ll think about a way to make it configurable, do you have a test page with a doc i can look at? in the meantime we might just be able to fix it with a few lines of css.

Ah ok, I gotcha. Itโ€™s not a deal breaker, was just wondering if I was doing something wrong.

Hereโ€™s the page Iโ€™m testing on: Trackland

The container group is max width: 960px

can you try adding some css to your page, in a style block. something like this

.notion-page {
  width: 1024px !important;

does that make it any wider?

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Fantastic! That works great! Thanks again


I created this page Notion Renderer but iโ€™m stuck on how to show the rendered only page

hey @hahz5d weโ€™ll help you out - could you be a bit more specific with what youโ€™re trying to achieve? what do you mean by rendered only page?

Thanks. Notion Renderer is where iโ€™m at currently, once i hit render after adding the page id i only see a blank area.

When I use your test editor I see my page rendered.

How do I generate a render that remains as a permanent page?

can you give viewing permissions and a link to your editor? i think this is just something wrong with the setup @hahz5d

@Kayami Luvnftestate | Bubble Editor

Hey @Kayami have you had a chance to look at the test link that i sent you?