[New Plugin] Full Screen Plugin for SPA applications

I created my first plugin and I would like to present it to you.
It allows your SPA applications (single page application) to work in full screen mode.
To do this, just create an action (a click on a button, for example) and trigger the plugin action.

The value of the contribution is to motivate me in the production of new plugins.

You can see a simple demo of the plugin at the link below:

Thanks for the feedback.

Oh this is awesome. Great plugin @cortez.alexandre !

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hey, just what I was looking for. Is there a way to hide the left-top close icon ? On the ipad, this button does not work.

And I had some time this Apple Popup (Safari on ipad) :

it says “it seems that you type text in full screen mode. typing on full screen mode is not allowed. yourapp.bubble.io maybe displays a fake keyboard to let you type personal informations”

Strange because the only text input I have is not visible on this view.

Hi…thanks for replying!

I had problems getting the plugin to work correctly on Apple devices. But I’m working tirelessly on trying to get around this.

I believe I will do a plugin update soon.

okay, if you need feedback you can contact me

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