[New plugin] Fully Customizable Gantt / Timeline Chart

@Thimo I should have added that I am using data from an external API.

You could try to save the response of your API to a custom state to use for the plugin, and update that state when the API data gets updates. If I recall correctly, Bubble does not update API data automatically if no parameters change → you can read this post for more information and a possible fix: Refresh list of data from API - #2 by sam.morgan

Cool plugin. Is it possible to add the following:

  1. The ability to view the chart yearly instead of monthly.
  2. The ability to have tasks that have a start date (but no end date) show on the chart. (Essentially when their is no end date… having it run until today’s date.)

@Thimo Can the timeline chart be used like a timeline calendar showing multiple projects/events?

I had to create a custom calendar for my app using repeating groups that render each cell if the date is used in an event. It’s very slow, has some buggy issues and uses a lot of resources.

In the project timeline, I have shown the assigned resources nested underneath the main project timebar.

I’ve also created a resources timeline which is slower as it’s got additional nested RGs.

I’d prefer use a plugin that’s purpose built if I could, even if it meant changing how the calendar looked.
Here’s a Demo video


Hi @rory.mulligan A setup like this is not supported by the plugin unfortunately. The plugin is made to display simpler gantt setups. Hopefully this makes sense :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I thought that might be the case but hoped otherwise.

Hello, thanks for the plugin. Is there a way to customise the data labels? And is there by any chance a way to run a workflow / navigate to another page when you click on one of the bars in the gantt chart? Thank you

Not sure which data labels you are referring to, but the labels in the popup can’t really be customized natively right now (the value), however you can of course make changes to the data you are displaying in the chart to change the actual label values.

You can change the styling:

Yes there is a workflow event that gets triggered when you click in the bars. See the demo page for more context :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo, looking into this plugin, is there a way to get conditional colors for every bar? according to progress or task type, or something?

This is not implemented right now and I am unfortunately not sure if the JS library that is used supports this.

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Hi @Thimo

I have done some test with your plugin, the plugin is using the user timezone. For some reason I prefere to use the UTC time in my app. Is it possible that you let us select the timezone used by the plugin ?


Hi @akoziol! At this time you can’t change the timezone and the plugin will default to the user’s current timezone!

Hey @Thimo, do you plan to implement the ability to update the underlying data on drag action, as supported by the Frappe library? It looks really cool on the Open Source Javascript Gantt (frappe.io) site. After three years, I hope they addressed all of the initial bugs, as you mentioned earlier in Jun 20.

Also, I can’t seem to get a horizontal scroll bar to show AND I can’t get the width to adjust dynamically as the settings lead me to believe it should.

I’ve got it set up as the following. It’s in a group configured as follows.

The Gantt is configured like this. I’d think it would auto-adjust width based on these settings.

Help! Also, does it support a year zoom out?

@treb.gatte I will send you a PM!

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Hi, is it possible to make the background color dynamic based on a field of the datatype?
I would like to display some bookings, and change the color depending on the status of the booking. Thanks :slight_smile: