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New Plugin- Fuzzy search and autocorrect, custom search boxes

Love the plugin @dambusmedia… Thank you very much!

I’ve implemented the plugin and it’s a huge improvement!

I’ve tried to use “unique elements” when displaying results on both the plugin and repeating group without success. Do you know if this is a current limitation?



Am I able to use this in workflows only, like bulk editing to tag lists based on text searching?

Starting with, I’m trying to get this plugin to the header.
Here’s what I did :

In preview, nothing appears,
do you know what is the problem ?

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Could it be that there is something broken? My searches don’t work anymore…

My search stopped working too. Any ideas why this would happen even though there has not been a change to the plugin version?

It would appear Bubble have changed something that has broken the .length() function, hence the plugin suddenly stopping working. Other plugins are also affected, eg:

Hopefully just a temporary bug that Bubble can fix.

Edit: Bubble pushed a fix, all should work now


May same like a dumb question, but does Bubble let you know when they make a change to the way plugins work? Or is it just up to you to figure it out?

@StevenM I don’t hear anything more than the mailing list, but then I’m just a hobbyist, not a Bubble partner. I’m just working on the assumption they’ll keep backwards compatibility if they change anything. In this case it would appear it’s a bug.


Hey @dambusmedia.

Great plugin, thanks for your efforts.

Search is working great, but I’m trying to figure out how to reset after selecting an item. Reset inputs doesn’t help, and also tried putting everything in a group. Can’t find the solution here.

Anybody have ideas on how to do that?


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Hi @dambusmedia - great work on this - thank you.

Any plans to upgrade so that fields of other data types can be searched?

Ex. There is a data type called City - there are 2 fields: City Name (text field) and State (another data type called State)…We can search City because it is a text field, but we cannot search the embedded State data type.


+1 for this. Love the plugin! Would be great to be able to search fields that are other data types.


@cschrade @romanmg Hmm, yeah, that would be good, but the Bubble plugin editor only lets us expose fields of the generic types, not other data types. Might be possible to combine several Data Source searches together, but it’d get messy… I’ll have a think on it


Hello @dambusmedia,

Love the plugin and it works great for me most of the time! Only issue I’m having is when I am trying to pull search criteria from another page by sending the query information via the URL.

For example, if I want to search for “cat” on another page, it will redirect me to the search page and send “cat” in the URL. Then, my search input box is set to pull its initial content from the URL so the search input box will say “cat”. The Search&Autocorrect has it’s Input Box ID set to the search input box’s ID Attribute. However, when the search page loads with “cat” displayed in the search input box, the Search&Autocorrect returns no matches for cat when it should show two matches. If I clear the search input box and manually type in “cat”, then the Search&Autocorrect works again.

Not sure what is causing this or if anyone else has experienced this, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

@dambusmedia Awesome plugin, really powerful addition! One challenge I’m running into is that if I turn on the “Tokenize” option to have the search match each word in my string, single-letter words like “a” and “I” match to any record that has the letter in them. So if I typed “A great sandwich”, it would find “Airbnb”, “Mario”, and “Grandma” because they all have the letter “a” in them. Any thoughts on how we could tweak this to either (a) require a minimum number of characters to match or (b) exclude certain strings?

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@kbgreenway, Sorry, I started a response a while ago but apparently forgot to press Reply :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, that’ll be a bug. If you’re using the option for fast updates from an Input box by putting in it’s ID, the search function only runs when the input box content changes, so the initial content set by Bubble doesn’t kick it off. I’ve added the bug to my todo list:
If you’re using the “Text to Match” option and pointing to an input box’s value, it should work fine with initial content.

@ahaller Thanks, that’s a good spot, hadn’t noticed that. Unfortunately the library used for the fuzzy searching doesn’t support option a). Option b) is pretty easy to do if you’re using the “Text to Match” field, just do a find & replace on your input value and use a Regex that strips out single character words, like:

(^| ).( |$)

I’ll need to update the plugin to allow the same if you’re using the “Set text to match from an input box” option. Will try to get around to it as soon as possible, unfortunately haven’t had much time to work on my plugins lately.

Thanks @dambusmedia! That fix would be perfect since the real-time connection to an input box is the feature I’m loving most. Keep us posted and thanks for the great support!

Hi @ahaller, I’ve pushed an update that adds an “Exclude search terms under x characters” option. Hope that does the trick.

Also fixes an issue where search term ending in a trailing space would return no results when “Tokenize” and “Match all tokens” were enabled.

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Amazing @dambusmedia, this was the missing link indeed! You’ll see some live searching in action shortly at Thanks again!!

Great plugin!

Do you have any tips for resetting the search results? Putting all the elements into a group and resetting the group doesn’t reset the results that appear in the repeating group that is using the “Search & Autocorrect” element.

I can manually backspace and cause the results to go away, but haven’t found any other way to clear the them.

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@dserber I agree. Would be interested as to how we can “trigger” a new search. For example, when the input is reset (i.e. repeating group should be blank), or if the input is the same but the user “filters” the search by clicking a button (e.g. by location, or by cost, etc).

In the case of resetting an input @dserber, you can set a condition that the repeating group is only visible when the input is not empty (i.e. resetting the input will cause the repeating group to disappear). But this only works if it makes sense for the repeating group to disappear of course! I’m sure there are cases where you may want the repeating group formatting to remain on the page!

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