Problem with "Search & autocorrect" plugin

It does not work when I use List of texts as a source.
I mean, “Matches” are empty.
When I use another type of thing, for example, one of my DB tables, then it works.


Please, help

I noticed this too and I need this functionality. I love using this plug in to filter out my Repeating Groups, but I need the same ability to filter results of a List of Texts urgently. Please follow up with any information about this. Thank you!

@ZeroqodeSupport any news? im getting the same issue

The plugin ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete / element Search & Autocorrect threw the following error: TypeError: current_object.get is not a function
at Object.makearray (PLUGIN_1553006094610x835866904531566600/ZQ-Fuzzy-Search—Autocomplete-update–Search—Autocorrect-.js:46:39)
at Object.loadFuzzy (PLUGIN_1553006094610x835866904531566600/ZQ-Fuzzy-Search—Autocomplete-update–Search—Autocorrect-.js:60:23) (please report this to the plugin author)

Hello, @yorgio1024
Thanks for reaching out.

The most probable reason for this error - the Data Source of your RG or plugin element.
Thus, allow us to recommend you to investigate the documentation for the plugin firstly:

Also, please provide us the next information:

  • Screenshots of your current settings for the input, plugin element and RG;
  • Steps for reproducing your error.

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

This is my setup, was working if use a data type different of text

Hello, @yorgio1024
Thanks for the screenshot.

First of all, please note that here you should indicate the DataType of the entries you are searching for.

Please note that such DataSource could be confusing for the plugin and Bubble platform itself since it is too complicated. Our plugin works only with the Text entry format, so it means that each entry, you are searching through the DataBase, should be in Text Format.

Please find the screenshots of our settings below:

Can you please let us know in which cases the plugin works on your side?

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello there,

I am using this plugin and It works very well. Just notifying a minor problem:
When using It with lists(from repeating group) as data source, if you try to use backspace it stops working, It will not filter anymore until you clear the input field. If you are using It with database search this behavior won´t happen and the filter will keep working if you use the backspace key.


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Hello @daniel45,
Thanks for reaching out!

It’s because when you try to apply to filter the results in the repeating group (returned by the plugin), you are trying to apply that filter to the data source which is not existing on the page. Since the data source of the Results RG is Fuzzy search Matches, filtering is not working on it because you have no such setup on your RG’s Data Source.

What we can recommend here:

  • show the search only after the user has chosen at least one filter. It will limit the user.

  • set up the RG Results Data Source filtering the Fuzzy Matches results after some filter was applied (you can transmit the chosen filters into the custom state and then apply: filtered operator to the Fuzzy’s Matches; or any other preferred method). For example - Screenshot by Lightshot

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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Thank you for your response! I solved It using a custom state as a copy of the original repeating group list. This custom state in being used as data source to the fuzzy plugin.
Everything is working well now.

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I don´t know if It is technically possible, but I would like to suggest an improvement to your already fantastic plugin! It would be perfect when the input field attached to plugin search is empty make the matches correspond to the complete list used as source . If It is possible the plugin would be the source to the repeating group in all situations, doing a search or not.

English is not my main language, so if I am not clear with my suggestion please let me know!

@daniel45 You can already do this by making your Repeating Group have a data source of the full list. Then put a condition on it so when the input’s able is not empty, then use the plugin’s matches as the datasource.


Thank you for your response! I do know about this possibility, but there are situations when you are using fuzzy filter with other filters, and in these cases you have to replicate all conditional data sources in the repeating group and in the search&autocorrect plugin. Only in these cases It would be much easier to use only search&autocorrect as main datasource.

Thanks again!

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Hello @daniel45,
i had the same problem in two different repeating groups. I solved given problem in following ways:

  1. Define Workflow: When Input “Search” in changing → Clear Repeating Group “XYZ”
    or other solution is
  2. After a user ran a fuzzy search and e.g clicks on any other button in your app, add a workflow for a group where your search input is located and reset it: Reset Group “Search”


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