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[New Plugin] Image Compressor by EzCode

I set quality to 0.5 and size limit to 1MB.

When I upload an image of size 200KB, the “compressed” image weights over 2MB.

Is this normal?

@miguel , as You can see on image below, I set size limit to 0.18 MB(it is approximate size of uploaded image) and looks like works how expected

With the parameter values I mentioned above, the “compressed” image is 10 times heavier (and it also changes the format from jpeg to PNG).

Is this normal?

Quality option available only for image/jpeg and image/webp

@eazycode so what you are saying is that your plugin only compresses an image if it’s above the size limit parameter? If it’s below it’s not compressed (that’s the behaviour I have seen)?

If this is the case, then the size limit parameter is a little bit misleading, because it says that the plugin will “convert to jpeg if size imager is bigger, and compressed”, but nothing is said about images that are below that limit. If images below that image are not compressed, what is really the use of that parameter? Why is not set to 0 by default (and not allowed to modify), so every image is compressed (the goal of the plugin)?

@eazycode I am trying to understand how the plugin can be used to actually compress images, but I can’t seem to understand it.

I want to compress the following image (597KB):

I set the size limit to 0.001 MB, so based on your advice, the image should be compressed:

But after compressing it, the size of the image before and after are the same:

This is the resulting image uploaded to s3, weighing exactly the same as the original uncompressed image (598KB):

What am I doing wrong?


Hey @miguel , as maximum trying to answer your questions but we cant make same steps to reproduce issue

Can you share video with settings?

These are the settings I am using in the app:

Hi @eazycode , here’s the video. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

Resulting image:

Hello @eazycode , have you had a chance to look at the video you requested? Have you been able to reproduce the problems we are seeing? Thanks.

Any documentation how to use this plugin?

how to upload to S3?
how to upload images compressed to repeating group then save in bubble db or s3?
Any tutorial?

Hello @miguel, can You show Your JS code on step2, which prints “console.log” some values, because plugin behaves like it should

Hello @alcastrobr, You can Read Instructions on plugin page:

You can test it on plugin demo page:
Look how it’s work open Edit View on the top of Demo Page

On the demo page it doesn’t show how to save the image in the database. It also doesn’t show how to send to the bucket in S3.

The purpose of the plugin is to make life easier. However, without tutorial or documentation just waste of time.

I bought it and it hasn’t helped me, I just wasted time researching how to use it.

Now having errors…


Hey @eazycode,

I just purchased your plug in and, even though I was able to set it up correctly to compress and upload images, I’m having problems visualizing the uploaded images in the file manager.

I know these images have been uploaded since Im able to get their URL (see image below) yet whenever I check the file manager these images don’t appear there.

I would appreciate some help since I need to manage these images from the file manager and also understand where are these images ultimately being stored. As I’m afraid since they are not showing up in the file manager, they’ll eventually be deleted by the bubble team as part as periodic housekeeping on Bubble’s side.