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[New Plugin] Image Compressor by EzCode

Hi @ezdev ,

I love the plugin but just struggling with thumbnails. I have managed to upload to file manager both the compressed image and the thumbnail. When I remove both the image and thumbnail from my item, that works fine but when I check the file manager, only the image gets deleted and not the thumbnail (using the “delete an uploaded file”). What am I doing wrong and how do I delete the thumbnail from the file manager?

Look forward to your advice


Hi @julian.mcneill , thank You for Your warm words! For better understanding can you share screenshots of Workflow?

Going to try my best @eazycode to put it all in a way that makes sense lol:

Once the multiple images have been compressed I set the state for my image upload screen to “Selected Images” and “Selected Thumbnails” as per below.


Once images are reviewed, I then upload the “Selected Images”


I also then upload the “Selected Thumbnails”


I then make the necessary change to the Thing (Model in this case) and add both the list of images and the list of thumbnails. This completes the upload process and everything is fine up until here.


Now is where I am having some trouble. When I do the image removal, I can delete both the Images and the thumbnails from the Thing (The Model). However, when I check the File Manager, the images have been deleted but the thumbnails still remain no matter what I do.

Remove Images from thing:


Delete Image files from File Manager:


Remove Thumbnails from Thing:


Delete Thumbnails from File Manager (This is what is not working)


Hope this all makes sense and gives you the information you need.



Hi @julian.mcneill, thank You, for Your extended answer. You can try to “Clear List” in Your Repeating Group.
image (2)

Hi @eazycode ,

Slight misunderstanding. I am not having any issues deleting the thumbnail from the “Thing”, I am having a problem deleting the thumbnail from the File Manager. The “Delete Uploaded File” that is used to delete the item from the File Manager is not working for thumbnails.

The “Clear List” function will just clear the list from the repeating group and not delete the data in the File Manager

Many thanks

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hello @julian.mcneill, this error in "Delete Uploaded File " is, as finally understood, on bubble side here are some helpful links, for resolving it:

Hello @eazycode , I have a quick question and a request here.

“Thumbnail” is always created with jpeg no matter what format you upload, is this correct?

Maybe I’m the rare case here but I’m using the thumbnail output as antitheft for the creator’s arts and photos instead of exposing the bigger size images, and I just realized compressor only allows to convert images to jpeg. So my request here is, do you think you can make an option for the thumbnail which allows to produce other formats?

Btw, your image compression is working perfectly for me now except the problem I mentioned above, huge thanks for your great work.

@ezcode, I figured out that I can use “compress from URL a compressor” option for my problem. It says “URL” on the label but it can actually load image from another compressor so, I set up two compressors and when [compressor A is done] I send the “uncompressed image” to compressor B. This way I can get two different compressed image with different setting.

If someone figured out better way please let me know. Cheers.

Hey @ambivalent.corp, thanks for reaching out

Glad to announce that our plugins now are under @ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam

About future updates think @levon can tell you a bit more

I appreciate that you get the plugin and it helps you

Regards Pavel @ EazyCode team.

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Hi @ambivalent.corp,
Thank you for your message and for using the Image compressor and uploader Plugin.

We are glad you found a workaround that suits your particular use case.

Should you have any other questions related to the plugin or any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always available to assist you. :blush:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.

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Hi @ZeroqodeSupport @eazycode

I have a question regarding the thumbnail generated whenever an image is compressed. After an img is compressed, I’m uploading the compressed img and after the compressed img is uploaded, I store it in my database in one data field and, in this same action, I store the compressed thumbnail base 64 in another data field. Even though I’m able to access both images in my app, the thumbnail img seems to have no URL linked to it. So, I’m wondering how can it appear on my app, if this img doesn’t reference any file on the file manager?

I’ve tried uploading not only the compressed image but also the compressed thumbnail; however, when I want to use the event ‘a compressor image uploaded’ to store both the img and the thumbnail in my database, I only see the option to store the URL of the image. How could I make sure the thumbnail which I store in my database is referenced to a file in my file manager so it doesn’t get deleted later on?

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Hi @jdalimaldonado

Thank you so much for reaching out.

In order for us to test your use case and see what the issue is, could you please provide some screenshots of how you set up the plugin, the workflow and database connected to it. Anything that you think might be important, you can send us also.

Hope to hear back from you soon :hugs:

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Hello @jdalimaldonado and @shu.teopengco,

We genuinely appreciate your suggestions.

Our development team will be evaluating the feasibility of implementing these improvements. Should we integrate these changes into the plugin, we’ll make sure to notify you both.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead! :hugs: