New Plugin - Image Zoom on Hover

Hey everyone, we have released a new Plugin -Image Zoom on Hover.

This Plugin allows you to dynamically zoom onto images by moving your cursor across the image. You can choose the scale of the zoom and the style. This Plugin gives your users a seamless way to interact and zoom onto images in your app without zooming onto to the whole webpage. Example uses may be: Zoom on profile pictures, zoom on images of listings on a real estate application.

For a demo of this Plugin please visit:

Bubble Store Link:

Have a great day!
Noel from Anticode


THere is an issue with this plugin. When you put the image inside a group it diappears when i preview it and also when i deploy. It doesnt show up. Can you please test this? or maybe i am doing something wrong here.

Thank you for your message. We have replied to you via PM.

Same problem here, can you reply on this thread please @Anticode ?

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we’ve just released an update - version 2.2.1
It should work fine now.

I don’t see any images on the demo page

Hey @Anticode , thank you for this plugin, it is working just find, but is missing something from the original image element that make the plugin useless in my case, what is missing is the Run-mode rendering, in my case I need to use rescale, but the plugin uses strech by default and I can’t change this.
Any workaround? update?


Thank you so much.
Carlos Escobar


thank you for reaching out!
Unfortunately we do not support this functionality.
If you want to adjust the styling/rendering of the image you would need to add some custom css to your app.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Bought the plug in, cannot get it to display any dynamic image coming from my AWS S3 bucket. I have a regular Image element next to it that has no problem displaying the exact same dynamic image.

The Image Zoom plug in remains empty. Initiated Zoom on Page Load but nothing. Pretty simple plug in element so I’m not sure what else to try.

Same problem here.

Hey Dan,

thank you for reaching out. I’ve never tried the plugin together with a dynamic image from AWS S3 bucket, but it seems as if the plugin is applied before the image is loaded. Does the plugin work for you using other images?


Hi there,

Most of my images are stored in my AWS bucket. Depending on what item is clicked, the proper image is displayed accordingly. This works seamlessly as expected with a standard image element.

With the Image Zoom element, using the exact same simple logic as in the standard image element, nothing appears. If I change out that logic and type in an explicit URL of an image stored in my AWS I still get no image appearing.

If I type in an explicit URL of an image stored within Bubble’s storage, that image does appear. Since most all of my images are stored in my AWS bucket, if I can’t overcome this issue then the plug in doesn’t really do anything for me obviously. If it’s something you can overcome then that would be great.


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Ok thank you for the update. We’ll look into that issue and will try to fix it.


Hi @Anticode

I bought the plugin and have three questions about it:

  • Is it possible to change the speed of the zoom?
  • I have my image and a text element in one group. The image is the background of the group and the text element lies above the image. Now, if I hover the mouse over the image, it zoomes fine, but as soon as my mouse is hovering the text element, the image doesn’t zoom anymore, apparently it gets blocked by the text element. Is there a way to have the image zoom anyways?
  • I have my image in a group and set a workflow at the event of clicking the group. Whenever my mouse is hovering the image, I can’t get the click event anymore, although the mouse is hovering the group element with the workflow too. Is there a way to fix that?


Hi Noel,

Has there been any update on the S3 link issue? Just bought it and it still seems to be having that issue?

No unfortunately we were not able to solve this issue

Hi Bubblers, good news here!

Earlier, this plugin was acquired by the Rapid Dev agency.

Yesterday, we pushed an update, that refactored the plugin code and added a property for background size:


If you have any questions or suggestions about the plugin, please let us know, we would be glad to help :hugs:

Have a great day!

Rapid Dev Support Team