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[New Plugin] JSON Machine Pro

Hey Jon,

I’m working with a JSON response from an API using the ReadJSON element to pull info from it. One of the outputs is a list of JSON texts. Is it possible to run this through another reader or something to pull out a field from each item in this list?

For example the list of JSON texts is {“id”:2000053,“name”:“ICU - Intensive Care Unit”}, {“id”:2000034,“name”:“ED - Emergency Department”} but I want to get the “id” number for each of those in a list of numbers.

Have you taken a look at the demo page? There is an example showing this working there.

I have but I’m only able to see that it’s used in a repeating group. Am I missing something? I’d like to not have to feed it into a repeating group.

Did you look at the pro advanced array demo?