NEW PLUGIN - Nodemailer

Nodemailer allows you to send emails from your own domains without a third party api like sendgrid, etc.

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Added Zoho domains.

Great! Wich e-mail integrations are all available at the moment?


Can you explain this point a bit more (Before i purchase) -

  1. Gather Your Credentials:
    You will need your app password and login email. These credentials are critical for authorizing Nodemailer to send emails from your domain.

Which “app password” & email …???

To send emails from your domain, you need to be “logged in to the account you want to send from”. And 2 factor authentication is required. So, you can create an app password which automatically gives you a password to use to login to your account to avoid also having to authenticate with an extra code sent to your device.

Every provider has the ability to generate an app password.

Google, for instance, you go to security settings from within your google account, 2fa, generate app password.

So let’s say I have my google domain email that I want to send emails from and my email is I use this email and an app password I generated in my google security settings to login.

After I have authenticated, I can choose to send from this account, or an Alias email I’ve setup such as

So the app password is a generated password provided by your domain/email provider that you can use to authenticate apps that don’t have the ability to retrieve a 2fa code.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

I’ve double checked, This will not work for Outlook corporate accounts (365) since app password option is not available, or may be I’ve looking somewhere else, in the absence of a clear step-by-step instruction, its difficult to get successful on implementation of this

Yes you can create app passwords for Outlook 365, and depending on how your IT implementation or policy is.