[NEW PLUGIN] OneSignal Push Notifications PRO plugin


I have just installed the plugin and configured as per requirements. I am receiving an error “android not defined”

Any help would be appreciated.



All the support will be provided in private, after proof of purchase. I am fully booked until next week but maybe if you can offer more details and a link to your app, I can have a quick look.

I’m getting the same error. Did you get a fix for that?

try with superview wrapper(webviewer) please.

From the video of getting player ID, I am doing exactly that but I am not getting a new oplayer ID in my database. What I may be doing wrong?

On page load:

Given that, I can send push notification to ‘All’ users. But not to a specific user, which I want to be solved here.

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@mvandrei I have paid for your plugin and non-creation of player iD is the only thing stopping my app to go to App store. Please see the post above.

My business is paused unless you help me understand why your paid plugin is not working.

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Hey @mvandrei,

I have recently started having the same issue as @rishidavinci, in that the player ID is not available on the page. strangely this has been working for the past several months and as of this week is only working for iOS (see text showing ID on iOS device, in screenshot below)

but not in android (no ID shown on android device as per screenshot below)

it seems like this must be an issue with my settings in firebase or onesignal, have you or anyone else seen this issue? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
May have to buy a little of your time to delve into it and are more than happy to do so, if needed!

@mvandrei Now I am testing my app with the apk. Still the player id is not being created. Something wrong with the paid plugin? Because all I did was like shown in the video above.

For some application the personal notification is the difference between hit and flop. Because user are dependent on the notification to come and then they will act.
So the whole purpose of the app is defeated if this paid plugin is not creating a player ID.

hi. I am sorry for the huge delay. Been facing a very high volume of work on certain projects.
PM me with your editor link and I will fix it for you and we talk in private for the rest.
Thank you and I am sorry once again for the delay.

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the plugin doesn’t create the PID, it simply gets it from:

  1. Browser - BUT only on laptop/desktop computer - won’t work on browser on mobile devices.
  2. Mobile app - need a wrapper that already has onesignal installed or you can install it yourself. When you open the app, it should prompt you for push notification. When you press on ACCEPT, it’s when your devices is registered and it’s been given a player ID.
    Then, the plugin will only read that PID and save it into the DB.
    Then, it’s up to you to configure bubble to send a push notification to a certain user, while that user has PID.
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The ‘1’ is not happening, so I have replied you for that.

I’m not getting the PlayerID on Chrome…

and it says I have to fill in the API key but it’s filled in.

Also seeing this on my page and accepted the push notifications


This is the only thing pending before I launch my product.
I dont want to go there without notification working.
Please help me out.


“This plugin doesnt create Player ID but simply gets it.”

It’s not happening.

I subscribed to this app…

If I open the app in desktop web browser I get a bell that I can click on but the “appname.os.tc” page is blank.

I am using nativator for my “native” app and nothing shows up when using that (directly on my phone).

No users are added to onesginal at all (subscribed or otherwise)

This is on development or live

you need to setup the plugin for web if you want it to be displayed in chrome. Both your http .os.tc and safari web id are required for BROWSER (as in NOT MOBILE APP).

So I got superview finally. I know my android phone is getting a playerID because it shows up in onesignal. I can’t get that playerID into bubble.



Since there is no manual and the video linked is not available any more, I am kind of lost. This looks correct but I can’t get the player_id field to populate.

This is with superview from codecanyon (the one that was linked.

have you added the element on the correct page? You need to be logged in in order to assign it to YOU (the user).

I only have one page that the wrapper points to. That page does have the onesignal pro element. I can be logged in and still don’t get the player id. Do the pics I show look correct for it to work?

I actually figured it out. I was missing a step. Got the player id properly now it seems.

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