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[NEW PLUGIN] OneSignal Push Notifications PRO plugin

you need to setup the plugin for web if you want it to be displayed in chrome. Both your http and safari web id are required for BROWSER (as in NOT MOBILE APP).

So I got superview finally. I know my android phone is getting a playerID because it shows up in onesignal. I can’t get that playerID into bubble.



Since there is no manual and the video linked is not available any more, I am kind of lost. This looks correct but I can’t get the player_id field to populate.

This is with superview from codecanyon (the one that was linked.

have you added the element on the correct page? You need to be logged in in order to assign it to YOU (the user).

I only have one page that the wrapper points to. That page does have the onesignal pro element. I can be logged in and still don’t get the player id. Do the pics I show look correct for it to work?

I actually figured it out. I was missing a step. Got the player id properly now it seems.

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I recently subscribed to the plugin after creating a mobile application (with Jasonelle) for Android and adding OneSignal following these instructions. When I emulate the application on my phone with Android Studio, One Signal detects my device and assigns it a player id (I can see it in and even send push notifications from the same platform).

However when I try to get the player id from the plugin using “Get Player Id A OneSignal Pro” here is the error message returned :


Did I misconfigure OneSignal on Android Studio? Or is it due to the plugin? I think I configured it well also by filling all the fields necessary for its use.

Hi @pierre2

OneSignal cannot work as a native application as you are trying to make it work. You need to enable OneSignal Xcode with OneSignal tools. I haven’t tried yet, but it requires a little bit of analysis.

this can help to understand:

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Hi John,

Thanks for the quick answer, but I’m currently developing a solution for Android. As I explained I can already send notifications through the OneSignal platform, what I can’t do is get the player id from bubble and associate it with the current user.

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I understand. I can also use OneSignal on my platform. To make it work on iOS or Android, it’s a bit tricky as explained above (using a p12 file).

You need a ‘native’ app that has the Onesignal’s SDK already implmented. If you want to implement it yourself, it might be tricker. Unfortunately I don’t provide support for Onesignal SDK. The plugin works with already implemented (and correctly implemented) SDK.

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Thanks for your answers, finally I don’t use this plugin anymore. I managed to retrieve the player_id using Jasonelle’s native functions (thanks @JohnMark , the thread and this post was very useful), all I had to do was make a few changes to one native function and you can simply trigger a post request sending to Bubble the player_id and the User Bubble’s unique id.


Hi I am wondering if anyone has gotten the link part of this plugin to work? I put in the url to my app but every time I click the notification my app crashes. When I use the tester from and click on that push notification it opens my app and url just fine.

the plugin has nothing to do with the way your webview wrapper app is handling URLs.
From my experience with SuperView (that I have no affiliation with I only used it myself and recommended as an option) is to add a blank space before the URL.

Thanks so much for the response and support. It ended up being a really weird problem. The header had to specifically specify application/json; charset=utf-8 in the api call. I created an updated plugin for the web wrapper I was using. Thanks again for all of your work on OneSignal integration.

Hey, I’m facing troubles with configuring the plugin. Unable to retrieve the playerid. I would appreciate any help with this.

I configured it as mentioned in the video here:
Also set up the onesignal SDK in our webview wrapper android app. However,not able to retrieve the playerid.


After 0 interest from developers here, I had to dig in myself and I am NOT a coder.
After … almost 12 hours, I finally figured it out :slight_smile: :tada:

It has now been fixed and released version 2.0. Be sure to update!

Also, be sure to set it up for browser like this:

I will return with a FULL tutorial in the next couple of days, from start to finish.

Enjoy it!


Unfortunately, @Bubble support said it will take 1-2 weeks for the plugin update to be reviewed.

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I’ve canceled the BIG update to 2.0 and made it as a patch.
It’s now instantly available as 1.0.1

Tutorial will follow this weekend.

I’m sorry for:

  1. the delay, I was testing on macOS BETA BigSUR and I had a lot of issues. Had to make space and install Catalina.
  2. my bad English, I was rushing into recording it as fast as possible.

As promised, here is the video tutorial for web push notification and plugin configuration.
For mobile you have to follow your wrapper’s instructions. If needed, I will make one for Superview (the one that I use).


Part 1:



Part 4 (final):

I hope you enjoyed it! Best of luck with your apps!


I still see no auto prompt… :frowning: